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True Light - the bright morning Star

The Testament of Truth


The 'one and only' ~ TRUE FAITH  

God is greatest ~ God is greatest ~ God is greatest

Father God is the Sovereign Power

The holiest divine Revelation of the Creator and Supreme Ruler of mankind
The 'Mystery of God' Revealed in God's FINAL message to humanity

In his name - by his word
the Star of Bethlehem returns to every part of the world

I AM the Spirit of Truth, the 'author' of Christianity ~ Terence


God's final message to humanity is about 'Armageddon of the MIND' being thoughts kind v/s unkind and - - -
A battle between ones conscience and 'dictatorial coercion' enticing one to defy ones conscience and God's 'Peace, love, mercy, compassion & forgive' Command.

As the whole world now accelerates towards its final state of mass confrontation, destruction and absolute truth, it is I the returned 'Prince of peace' who sends out God's final message for all to read, 'see & hear' before they personally become embroiled in the never ending fight for what they falsely believe is their RIGHT.

This web site contains "The correction of that which was perceived as being 'The Truth' on earth" as well as providing insight concerning the 'end of times' Prophecy. This prophecy is a fresh new insight which is an 'antithesis' and therefore 'contra to' the present understanding of what constitutes Spiritual Truth. Currently, man believes falsely that he can continue on in his greedy, controlling, manipulative, destructive and punitive ways and not be required to 'pay' the 'blood' price. (Error of doctrinal belief)

This fresh Wisdom illuminates the dark energy which is invisible to you. It is an energy force which you now need to become aware of and 'beware' of because, via your inner 'Sin,' (negative emotions) IT can also cunningly access your mind telepathically and as a consequence IT misleads you as ITS thoughts Justify your use of ITS dark energetic power.

As I AM the 'end days' messenger of the Most High it follows that this message via my pen is for all races and tribes, colours and creeds on earth and, it is not only for all humanity but also extends down through every spiritual realm from the pure Light 'above' to the pure Dark realms 'below.'

This web site is an EDUCATIONAL document to prepare man for the new world 'Order' wherein all weapons will have been 'buried' and the punitive & destructive & controlling & warring ways of man are ended, while TRUE peace & love & mercy & compassion becomes the order of the day.

Salvation is by FAITH as well as by WORKS. How or why? Because it is ones FAITHFUL 'loving and kind works' or ACTIONS which are in conformity to THE precepts of God's Command unto man to: 'Extend unto all mankind peace & love & mercy & forgive thine enemy at all times and in all situations' that ENSURES ones Salvation. This ACTIVITY of GOOD WORKS is what keeps man IN alignment with God's Command.

Let it here be known that: The 'singing sabre' is now to be heard everywhere as IT is wielded together with the spear, sword, bow, axe and gun in every street as man his 'callous' fate does meet. All will NOW PAY their DUES OWED to the DARK ENERGY of GOD for paying others to do their evil deeds on their behalf (systems armed forces) or for personally doing the same. (Controlling or injuring or interfering in the lives of others).

None will IT avoid and any so foolish as to 'scoff' at my message to them from THE LIGHT will indeed the very 'Devil' get to meet and be subjugated and tortured forever before they burn.

The 'voice' message to humanity from the unequivocal Sovereign MONARCH, King, Lord and absolute RULER of man our Creator GOD was and is and always will be:

"Go your way in peace and love one another and mercifully and compassionately forgive those who persecute you and, if you are ever abused then you must 'turn the other cheek' in NON-retaliation and, 'go' as a 'lamb to the slaughter' if you are to be cut down by MY Dark avenging angels as you PAY any outstanding dues to ME." 

 The below information is the clarification of the purported words of Jesus:
“Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and to God the things that are God’s.” 

In TRUTH, the meaning of  to "Render unto God that which is God's" is the spiritual 'faith and belief' in God's 'voice' message Command above that is required to be obeyed at all times and in all situations. Only thus one has God's divine protection, for ones actions are always only loving, peaceful and benign and the RETURN within God's immutable Law is always only loving, peaceful and benign.

If one is voting for 'Caesar' or his officials as 'head of house' and relying on Caesar (State) for protection, then naturally, one must pay Caesar his material 'coin of the realm' for employing the services of his armed forces.

Since State 'police and judiciary' enforcers are always interfering, controlling, taxing and causing punitive or physical harm or waging war upon people, it follows that within the superior and immutable Law of Return of God ones RETURN dues upon the heads of voters and taxpayers are ongoing control, interference, loss and suffering at the time and in the place our God decides to impose it. (Only support and fund benign community effort and services provision)

Each individual now has but a very brief moment in time to awaken and amend their ways.

What you need to understand is that the prerequisite to Salvation, being saved by God's grace, is your capacity to express God's LIGHT unto everyone. For in so doing, even unto those who are 'offensive,' you receive a positive return from God's Light in using IT in your interaction, and IT assists in the purification of your soul.

It is true that you stand before THE Creator both day and night eternally in His sight.  It is true that He observes every activity we do whether it be true or untrue and, that said expression unto others is what becomes your own spiritual due or 'return' within His Law. This is why you must take every opportunity to BE God's Light in action unto all others at all times.

Your 'race' or colour or 'status' in life has no bearing on Salvation. Nor does belonging to or fellowshipping with any specific named religion affect your spiritual destiny. Your Salvation or damnation is solely dependent upon whether or not you OBEY the 'Peace and love and mercy and forgive' Command of THE CREATOR.

What comes to 'mind' is: "If one has God as ones head of house then what 'need' of a man named 'Jesus' who visited earth on a long past day"? There is no need. Just obey the 'Command' message content sent by God.

What comes to 'mind' is: "If one has God as ones head of house then what 'need' of men in the flesh (priests) claiming to know the true way? There is no need. Just obey the 'Command' message content sent by God through Jesus and now clarified by myself.

What comes to 'mind' is: "If the SALVATION message sent by God from the kingdom of heaven via his son Jesus was PEACE, then obey IT, rather than praising the messenger Jesus or any other 'Avatar.' Are you obeying the message if you are a taxpayer funding man's war machine? NO.

Let me make it perfectly CLEAR

There are no armed forces, political controllers, regulators, extortionists, interferers, imposers of punishment, causing of harm, killing or war in the Light of Heaven, so it follows that:

If you are funding the wages or services of any 'armed forces' on earth including the police, you are funding people who cause harm, terror and destruction and YOU are ON the wide road to Hell.
If you are voting and funding the wages of politicians then you are funding people who interfere, control, subjugate, impose merciless, unforgiving punitive measures and YOU are ON the wide road to Hell.
If you are a 'seller of goods' and are collecting gst or other monies or taxes and paying IT to any person or government agency then you are an extortionist and YOU are ON the wide road to Hell.
If you the individual pay any 'levy, fine, stamp duty, excise, operational licence fee' or any monies to any controlling or punitive organisation you are funding INIQUITY and the enslavement of others and YOU are ON the wide road to Hell.
ONLY fund BENIGN community effort and benign services provision directly and NOT via the 'auspices' of controllers.

Please now understand, in this soon here time of global insanity and confrontation there will be NO social security at all. The only 'Army' you can support is the SALVATION Army of good-hearted citizens and other refugee or unarmed and truly caring organisations. They will assist as best they can as you direct any spare funds directly to THEM or to the needy in your area.

We will also need a benign Peace Corps (policing) sector to uphold the peace, and if the Police services disarm and begin to work for the community, they can be paid for their services rendered by the populace directly.

"Love one another" our God does say because we are all sisters and brothers and, any who cannot be merciful and loving are now to BE DESTROYED by HE the ONE who created their seed for HE is THE AUTHORITY and the ALMIGHTY Sovereign POWER.

I have done my personal best to assist you all into seeing that your present ways are error and thus your present 'destiny' is pure terror. All I can say to you all is:

 "Please do not turn away from this message for without ITS understanding you are eternally lost."

Please help ME to set everyone free from God's dark energy which they drew into their soul.

Know ye that what is perfect is now come and, that which is 'in part'* will be done away. (* Old scripture)
Show your Creator that you do now abide in TRUE faith and be merciful, forgiving and charitable unto all.

Sup from my wellspring of living water and attain eternal life of pure bliss.

Cause harm and the Devil's fold awaits you.

All I do ~ is the POWER of LOVE in ACTION ~ for you, you and YOU.

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Dar - es - Salaam ~ ISLAM


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Absolute Truth - End Times - God's Children - Justice of God - Last Prophet - Wrath of God  - Christ the Messiah - The Testament of Truth
 Final Soul Destiny - The last Battle of the Mind - Thoughts and Emotions - Spiritual 'life or death.'


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