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True Light - the bright morning Star

The Testament of Truth


The 'one and only' ~ TRUE FAITH

God is greatest ~ God is greatest ~ God is greatest

Father God is the Sovereign Power

The holiest divine Revelation of the Creator and Supreme Ruler of mankind
The 'Mystery of God' Revealed in God's FINAL message to humanity

In his name - by his word
the Star of Bethlehem returns to every part of the world

I AM the Spirit of Truth, the 'author' of Christianity ~ Terence

Introduction - 1

God's final message to humanity is about 'Armageddon of the MIND' being thoughts kind v/s unkind and - - -
A battle between ones conscience and 'dictatorial coercion' enticing one to defy ones conscience and God's 'Peace, love, mercy, compassion & forgive' Command.

As the whole world now accelerates towards its final state of mass confrontation, destruction and absolute truth, it is I the returned 'Prince of peace' who sends out God's final message for all to read, 'see & hear' before they personally become embroiled in the never ending fight for what they falsely believe is their RIGHT.

This web site contains 'The correction of the Truth' on earth as well as providing insight concerning the 'end of times' Prophecy. This prophecy is a fresh new insight which is an 'antithesis' and therefore 'contra to' the present understanding of what constitutes spiritual Truth. Currently, man believes falsely that he can continue on in his greedy, controlling, manipulative, destructive and punitive ways and not be required to 'pay' the 'blood' price. (Error of doctrinal belief)

This fresh Wisdom illuminates the dark energy which is invisible to you. It is an energy force which you now need to become aware of and 'beware' of because, via your inner 'Sin,' (negative emotions) IT can also cunningly access your mind telepathically and as a consequence IT misleads you as ITS thoughts Justify your use of ITS dark energetic power.

As I AM the 'end days' messenger of the Most High it follows that this message via my pen is for all races and tribes, colours and creeds on earth and, it is not only for all humanity but also extends down through every spiritual realm from the pure Light 'above' to the pure Dark realms 'below.'

This web site is an EDUCATIONAL document to prepare man for the new world 'Order' wherein all weapons will have been 'buried' and the punitive & destructive & controlling & warring ways of man are ended, while TRUE peace & love & mercy & compassion becomes the order of the day.

Salvation is by FAITH as well as by WORKS. How or why? Because it is ones FAITHFUL 'loving and kind works' or ACTIONS which are in conformity to THE precepts of God's Command unto man to: 'Extend unto all mankind peace & love & mercy & forgive thine enemy at all times and in all situations' that ENSURES ones Salvation. This ACTIVITY of GOOD WORKS is what keeps man IN alignment with God's Command.

Introduction - 2

I Terence state: The entire 'Christian' community has been programmed to believe that THE 'saviour' is the MAN Jesus, and it is I God's 'pen' to now dispel that myth forever and ever and ever because, THE 'saviour' is the content of THE MESSAGE from God.

One has to conform with the MESSAGE from THE FATHER, God, who sent Jesus and myself, and all must OBEY IT during the time of tribulations. Any person continuing to believe that the crucifixion of the man Jesus in some way voids or nullifies the implementation of God's Law will 'die in their sin.' To be 'saved,' you must at all times and in all situations: -

"Go your way in peace & love one another and mercifully and compassionately forgive those who persecute you as YOU extend peace & goodwill unto all mankind and, you must turn the other cheek when abused and 'go' as a lamb to the slaughter in NON-retaliation" as you NOW PAY YOUR DUES OWED TO THE DARK ENERGY OF GOD as said, for paying others to do your evil deeds on your behalf (systems armed forces) or for doing the same yourself. (controlling or injuring others)

I reiterate, the 'Grace of God' is the Salvation MESSAGE above extended by God unto sinful mankind that is to be OBEYED at all times and in all situations.

ONLY adore God, do not adore His messengers by word or through rituals.

Total obedience to God's today message via my 'pen' (His ~ Hers) is THE requirement if you NOW wish to be set free from your inner SIN and eternal persecution in the underworld as you NOW 'bow' in submission to God's eternal "Love one another and extend peace and goodwill unto all mankind" Command. It is thus that you SAVE YOURSELF. The support of and funding of 'warmongers' is a contravention of God's 'message unto mankind' via Jesus and via myself.

You cannot serve two masters. You must NOW choose between continuing to support and fund warmongers (government institutions) or, only supporting and funding benign community effort as commanded by THE CREATOR/DESTROYER. Yes, God DESTROYS all warmongers and their supporters for their defiance of Him. He is God, not them.

People purporting to be Christians or Muslims or of other named religions all appear to have a justification for fighting evil, immorality and corruption, but they see NOT that as this they do, it is they who are the EVIL Dark energy of God in action and they are NOT true to God nor their own souls. They are simply very deluded and arrogant souls following 'corrupted' teachings. Mercy, love, peace, compassion, forgiveness and EDUCATION is the TRUE way forward. (Dark destructive energy is the forbidden to eat 'fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good & evil.' Its 'use' being God's prerogative only)

Introduction - 3

The road to Salvation ~ The pilgrim's progress

The message from the 'voice' behind my mind and pen is for all of God's children residing in the thousands of realms of consciousness existing outside of the pure Light of Heaven. This is the FINAL 'call' unto all before those who continue to be defiant of God through their vanity, pride, arrogance, ignorance or delusional insanity will be cast into the 'pit' of oblivion through their own choice in the manner revealed by God through me. 

When there are many 'coming in my name,' (every preacher) how do you the individual recognise the TRUE messenger of God, (Messiah) and, "Why did he (I) need to return"? For many reasons, not the least to advise YOU that if YOU fail to extend "Peace and goodwill unto all mankind" as commanded by the Light of God, then the Dark energy of THE SOURCE (God) will eternally 'bind' YOU in ITS low 'abysmal' realm.

It is the continued use of this dark inner energy essence that holds all who use IT in bondage to IT. This means that the eternal on-going suffering that accompanies ITS use will become eternal for those who continue to defy God's Command as reiterated by me. ITS use keeps YOU on the 'track' of merciless retributive retaliation, vengeance and Justice. Rather than the 'track' of the Light being mercy, compassion, love and forgiveness and non-retaliation.  

Every person can sing a song of love, and every person can be and is inspired mentally by the Light of God because every idea or benign creative  invention is the telepathic inspiration of the Source of Light into someone's mind, so what IS my difference? ONLY that my eternal quest has always been to FREE other children of God from EVIL, that evil being their use of God's Dark forceful, controlling, punitive and destructive energy in their interaction with others.

So I AM but a simple man as are you and our sisters true, and I seek not to 'invent' pins or needles or fish hooks or anything else because I am simply 'centred' on exposing spiritual TRUTH so that each of you can elevate your unique consciousness and save yourselves by using the WISDOM of God's Holy Word which is transmitted by God via my mind.

The only 'miracle' I perform using my 'pure' soul is to bring forth uncontaminated truth and fresh revelations from the Source, information which clarifies the requirement by God of you if you would return to the Paradise in which you were once created. That paradise is a place where you can live in perfect harmony and ecstasy after having been freed within of 'Sin' being the Dark emotional energy you arrogantly drew IN when you defied God aeons of time ago.

Introduction - 4

I, but a very simple mortal man who is the true messenger of God, returns now to establish peace on earth by showing all mankind that NO person is living the ONE True Faith revealed on this web site (Book 2 of 9) and, - - -

although every religion on earth has the intent to follow the 'peace & love' Light of God within its teachings 'somewhere' and, the words Islamic or Christian or Buddhist or Hindu or 'Catholicism' are used daily, - - - the FACTUAL 'livingness' of daily being and walking the TRUE 'peaceful, merciful, compassionate, loving and forgiving' ACTIVITY as REQUIRED by GOD of man are NOT. It follows that adherents to 'religion' have LOST the ONE and only WAY as prescribed by God.

How so? Because THE Religion * of the DARK 'devilish' ORDER of absolute domination, interference, subjugation, extortion, fine, punishment and killing has cunningly invaded EVERY 'belief' of man VIA the dictates of vain and arrogant mortal men of War who are always backed by their armed forces.

Note: Religion * - the ideological doctrine adhered to, be IT 'War or Peace' ~ mercy & forgiveness or the opposite of; merciless persecution, subjugation and punishment.

In the guise of 'Secular' institutions this very Dark Religion has seized CONTROL of every land mass on earth and is in FACT the dark ideological contents written in the books of 'acts, laws, rules, statutes' of government institutions.

All government officials are ruled by their own 'legislated' ideas & ideals which became the enacted 'text' RULES of engagement, rules which then force everyone in the land to bow to these RULING dictates or be punished, disadvantaged, evicted or destroyed. (Crucified by 'orders' issued by Dictators who hold God and His Word in contempt)

Yes, through using and 'playing with' God's forbidden to use Dark destructive energy essence man is now totally BOUND by IT, (destructive energy) and the use of IT now appears 'normal.' Only those who have the 'nous' to comprehend what I say and CHANGE from being wolves to being lambs will be set FREE by the LIGHT of God, She.

No 'one' is above any other, and everyone now needs to comprehend the existence of the twin energies of God being:

Creative & benign ~ Destructive & malicious

Introduction - 5

Let it here be known and UNDERSTOOD that: Defiance of God's 'love & peace, compassion, mercy and forgive' Command is an ACT of High Treason against the SOVEREIGN AUTHORITY, God because, it means that whilst operating in defiance of said Command you did in FACT invoke the use of God's (forbidden to use) Dark energy and you 'waged war on,' or punished, or interfered with, or injured, or dispossessed, or disadvantaged, or deceived, or misled one or more of God's OTHER children.


Let it here be known that: This is the ‘Last Call’ for you all, for all are sinners who do not deserve to be saved and I can but say that my wisdom is God’s Grace extended to you and sent to save and thus deliver you from EVIL if you so wish it.

Each individual needs to now understand that they stand before God every moment of time and, - - - He sees and knows everything you 'think' or intend to do or factually do and, - - - each must now choose 'whom' they will follow, - - - they either continue to defy God as they condone, fund and 'bow' in subservience to Government institutions whose activities are controlling, punitive and destructive or, - - - they have God as their 'head of house' and serve Him 'judiciously' as they bow to His eternal Command and go their way in peace and extend love, mercy and compassion and they forgive their perceived enemy.

I need to be very CLEAR in this the first page of my 3000 + page Testament that to become 'Saved' and thus be elevated UP into the Light of God, ones interaction with others MUST at all times and in all situations BE; kind, respectful, caring, merciful, compassionate and forgiving. To be able to do this you must remind yourself that the other standing before you is an infinitely precious creation of God to be loved and adored and, - - -

Even though in your past you may have perceived others as an 'enemy' or an 'offender,' you now understand that they are that way simply because they have become 'trapped' by the dark energy essence of the Source, God. Your duty to God is to help them to set themselves FREE from the Dark and as you so do, you also set yourself FREE from IT.

The interpretation of past scriptural words contain amongst others, two very 'grave' errors which were and yet are promoted by men of the 'cloth.' Reference:

“For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life"

Error - 1 -The above Him refers to Him GOD, - - - not 'him' Jesus the man
Error - 2 -
He God has countless daughters & sons, being you and you and you.

Mankind does not need 'robed' or other MEN to lead them astray any longer.  THE TRUTH now walks this earth 'HIDDEN' and invisible in the flesh of mortal man and states: Turn directly to GOD - Trust ONLY in God's Word I bring and OBEY His : 'Love, peace, mercy, compassion and forgive' COMMAND, and turn the other cheek when confronted as God's WRATH now descends upon all for condoning, supporting and funding iniquity.

Introduction - 6

I add; dear 'readers' - the 'role' of the Messiah is to simply BE the messenger of God's Holy Word unto errant mankind so, any who feel or 'think' that I am promoting myself as 'God' are in error - I am simply a mortal man and any WISDOM I accrue whilst here in the flesh is simply through reading what our GOD via my PEN is seeding to everyone. Please look deeper - ARMAGEDDON of the mind is intensifying, being - - -

Minds more 'UNDER SIEGE' by dark thoughts emanating from demonic realms TELEPATHICALLY as 'they' (dark forces) seek to turn YOU against others in some way because they seek to use you to be their instrument of retribution and to thus destroy your soul. Peace, love, mercy, compassion and forgiveness is THE ONLY TRUE WAY.

Do NOT 'arm' yourself or you will injure, maim and kill God's other children and in so doing, you cast your own soul into the PIT. Be brave and stand unarmed before your God and suffer all your 'dues' in non-retaliation at the hands of the merciless and by so doing become free.

Let it here be known that: The Light and love and all the creative benign ENERGY of God is expressed forth from HIS POWER (God the Father) and if YOU do not permit IT (light & love) to flow to and upon ALL others in YOUR INTERACTION with them, then it is HE to deny IT to flow via others to YOU, and you indeed will DIE in your Sin because it was YOUR CHOICE to deny God's call to: "Only allow light and love to flow via you to others."

Foolish indeed are those who deny others their 'loving kindness, respect and good-will' because ahead they will more than 'mourn' as they bleed and get to know that absolute desolation, deprivation, agony, frustration and damnation exists as IT is all imposed upon them by others in a way more grievous than can be imagined.

Introduction - 7

Let it here be known that: The 'singing sabre' is now to be heard everywhere as IT is wielded together with the spear, sword, bow, axe and gun in every street as man his 'callous' fate does meet. All will NOW PAY their DUES OWED to the DARK ENERGY of GOD for paying others to do their evil deeds on their behalf (systems armed forces) or for personally doing the same. (Controlling or injuring or interfering in the lives of others).

None will IT avoid and any so foolish as to 'scoff' at my message to them from THE LIGHT will indeed the very 'Devil' get to meet and be subjugated and tortured forever before they burn.

The 'voice' message to humanity from the unequivocal Sovereign MONARCH, King, Lord and absolute RULER of man our Creator GOD was and is and always will be:

"Go your way in peace and love one another and mercifully and compassionately forgive those who persecute you and, if you are ever abused then you must 'turn the other cheek' in NON-retaliation and, 'go' as a 'lamb to the slaughter' if you are to be cut down by MY Dark avenging angels as you PAY any outstanding dues to ME." 

"Love one another" our God does say because we are all sisters and brothers and, any who cannot be merciful and loving are now to BE DESTROYED by HE the ONE who created their seed for HE is THE AUTHORITY and the ALMIGHTY Sovereign POWER.

I have done my personal best to assist you all into seeing that your present ways are error and thus your present 'destiny' is pure terror. All I can say to you all is:

 "Please do not turn away from this message for without ITS understanding you are eternally lost."

Please help ME to set everyone free from God's dark energy which they drew into their soul.

Know ye that what is perfect is now come and, that which is 'in part'* will be done away. (* Old scripture)
Show your Creator that you do now abide in TRUE faith and be merciful, forgiving and charitable unto all.

Sup from my wellspring of living water and attain eternal life of pure bliss.

Cause harm and the Devil's fold awaits you.

All I do ~ is the POWER of LOVE in ACTION ~ for you, you and YOU.


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Dar - es - Salaam ~ ISLAM


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