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~ Timothy ~

It was in 1968 that I was born in Mombasa, East Africa.  My parents were born in Tanzania (previously know as Tanganyika, and before that 'German East Africa).  So my early years were formed around the beach as I mingled with black Swahili fishermen, and enjoyed sunshine and fishing and boating and swimming on white beaches with palm trees and smiling faces around me.



Our family later emigrated to Australia, and I have spent my working life as a stainless steel fabricator at the Gold Coast in Queensland, and learnt my trade at 'Riviera Marine.' I am presently engaged in the manufacture of stainless steel items that relate to the Marine industry, as well as the installation of Wind turbines and Solar module tracking devices.    

My interests are meeting people and helping people, and educating people through this web site, fishing and safari and I am interested in the education of youth in matters of the sea and spirituality.

My dad Terence 'Terry' has contributed much towards the content of this web site, and my area is mainly in the design and manufacture of the Ark Anchor that 'we' designed and created in 2004 AD - 008 TL.


Other than that, all I can say is: "I wish you well in your 'quest' for worldly and spiritual achievement," and I am glad you came my way so that one day ahead we can join hands and 'sing along' in the land divine.

My Motto is:

"Trusty and True to the Truth" 

and obedient to our Creator's Command of:

 "Peace and goodwill unto all mankind."