~ The 'beauty' of the bowsprit ~

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    The five-Masted Ship "FRANCE II" was the largest 'tall ship' ever built.  She was constructed in Bordeaux in 1911 by the shipbuilders of Gironde.  This ship ran aground in New Caledonia in 1922, and was destroyed by American 'forces' bombers in 1944.

Tall ships and many others of 'yesteryear' displayed the 'beauty' of the bowsprit, and the 'bowsprit' permits the ship to carry 'sail' beyond the 'confines' of the vessel, and the bowsprit is also a 'place' eminently suited to 'hang' the ARK Crown anchor.

It would be 'nice' to see a 'return' to sailing ships and the beauty of bowsprits, be they on sailing or motor vessels.


This page is 'raised' to remind readers of 'the beauty of the bowsprit,' and to assist you in seeing how 'easy' it is to 'accommodate' a 'Traditional' ARK Crown anchor on the bow of your present vessel.  Using it as the main anchor or as a safety 'standby,' the ARK can be 'slung' alongside the vessel as per the following one used by the 'Islander' of St.  Helens Tasmania.

If you only need an ARK as a 'standby' for that 'heavy weather' day, then you may also just keep it 'sitting' on deck, or on a rear transom bracket ready for deployment.

I believe that if you wish to enhance the beauty of your vessel then you can add a small bowsprit such as the 'teak flex' one pictured below.

There are obviously many ways of adapting the ARK Crown to your vessel, the above is simply to get your mind thinking and to also 'sell' the 'beauty of the bowsprit,' so that ocean travellers can seek builders with the usefulness and beauty of the bowsprit in mind.



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