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~ The Agent & the Franchise ~

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page - 1 - The Franchise 
page - 2  - Intellectual property
page - 3 - The Patent
page - 4 - The 'open window'
page - 5 - Noah's Franchise agreement

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~ The Franchise ~

A 'Franchise' - is the privilege and 'right' to sell certain goods.
It is also the 'right' to use the 'brand' name 'inspired' by another.
It is the rightful 'permission' to 'do' something, given by one to another.

There are 'others' that are not franchisee's that 'steal' either the 'name' of another, or another's 'designs' for the purpose of monetary gain.  These are 'thieves' who become 'disenfranchised' and lose their 'right' of access to the Promised Land.

Their 'theft' is accomplished by either 'simply' copying the product and marketing it under the 'brand' name of the 'inventor' as their own product, or by literally stealing it by registering it and/or its brand name as their 'Patent.'

This 'registering' is with an organisational 'body' of man that uses 'force of arms' within the punitive system of man to enforce ownership and, is what then enables the 'thief' to 'legitimately' pursue others using 'force of arms' or, to even halt the business of the 'rightful' owner that they have 'disenfranchised' from their own invention.

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~ Intellectual property ~

From time 'immemorial' God has given man inspiration.  It is God's intent to raise the consciousness of man and to assist man on his way.  The inspiration in man's mind is from God and becomes the 'property' of the entire human race but, - - -

The now 'materialised' property can only be honestly * 'marketed' under the 'brand' name of the 'inventive' person with their 'chosen' brand description by the inventor or, - - - marketed honestly by another person authorised by the inventor using the same brand name under a 'franchise' agreement or, - - - the design features can be used to manufacture a similar 'object' and then marketed by someone else that gives it an entirely different name.

For any person using the 'inventor's' ideas and 'brand' name to market the same goods is being dishonest, and only by having the 'inventor's permission or franchise are they 'honouring' their God and the inventor and their own souls by not 'stealing' the name for the purpose of financial gain.

For example, 'ARK anchors.' The 'brand' name chosen by 'Noah' for the inspiration from God is the word 'ARK' that describes the 'type' of anchor.  The 'design' features are 'attached' to the brand name.

Thus every purchaser of an 'ARK' anchor knows that when they purchase an 'ARK' anchor, and that they are getting a 'certain' design of anchor, being the one designed and manufactured by Noah or, - - - if they purchase one from an 'authorised' * Franchisee, they also know that they are purchasing goods from a person that is honourable and not a thief, for their name is 'listed' on Noah's official site as 'one' with an agreement with Noah.

It is now the 'last' moment of time that man has the opportunity to 'change' from being a thief.  But to do this 'he' needs be taught 'why' there is the need to be 'honest,' and for all to promote the positive sides of intellectual property rights, rather than just emphasising enforcement of the law against counterfeit goods.

For 'ignorant' man sees not the 'power' of the invisible Creator to 'enforce' HIS singular "As you do is done unto you" LAW.  Man sees not that 'pirating' * or supposedly 'legal' taking from others via Patenting of Trademark registration has a detrimental effect on his own future wellbeing. 

For man is 'blind' and sees his 'unkindness' as purely business, and in the 'name' of 'business,' man commits many a crime and sees not that all he 'took' will from his 'pockets' be 'shook,' be it in this life or the next 'realm.'

Stealing or the unauthorised use of another's 'property' or brand name is the same as literally jumping over their garden fence and 'milking their cow,' and thus 'impoverishes' them and, - - - ultimately the 'thief' suffers the same fate and, - - - God said that all 'liars and thieves and murderers' would spend a time and a time in Hell.  Wake up!

Note: honestly *- It is dishonest and dishonourable to market a product using another's name or brand name without their permission.  This 'unauthorised' use also has unseen and very 'painful' consequences.

It is dishonest and dishonourable to market a product using another's name or brand name without their permission by 'Patenting' it in the 'assumption' that it is your divine right to so do within the 'rules' legislated by man.  This 'unauthorised' use also has unseen and very 'painful' consequences, even 'though' it is perceived as 'legal' business practice in the eyes of the greedy and vain.

Note: 'authorised' * - One 'listed' by Noah as an honourable person that undertakes to supply an anchor made to Noah's specifications and, - - - one that has asked Noah for a franchise and, - - - one that has Noah's 'permission' to use the brand name 'ARK.'

Note: 'pirating' * - See the 'open window' item below.

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~ The Patent ~

Man 'invented' the 'Patent' system so as to 'protect' ideas and to 'enable' prosecution of 'thieves.' But man saw not that the ideas were all from God, to be used for the good of all and, for any to freely 'copy' and use.

But this very system of 'registering' an 'idea' in an official 'office' department also enabled thieves to steal the intellectual property of others, being their 'ideas and names' and to use force via the 'Patents protectors' to enforce their thievery.

Thereby enabling a person who 'intends' to 'defraud' another by 'Patenting' the item or brand name themselves, and thus using 'official' means to make use of the brand name of the inventor and, - - -

Enabling them to 'Patent' an item that they did not 'invent' and, - - by this very 'act' they also 'intend' to take over the invention, and in some cases to even use the 'system' of man to force the 'inventor' to 'shut up shop' so that they are no longer be able to use the God given gift.

Man now needs to see that any 'use' of another's ideas is in God's eyes perfectly legal.  For all 'ideas' are God-given to man for the 'good' of all.  However, it is not a 'good' idea to try and 'steal' the 'invention' from its 'originator' using any 'System' or 'office' of man.

That is a very unkind and 'antisocial' act that contravenes God's Commandment to 'Love one another,' and God sees the intent and the 'wrong' deed.  If you seek to use the ARK design then feel free to so do.  But do not call it an 'ARK' anchor unless it has been 'franchised' by me to you because, - - -

If you so do, or even if you 'rush' off to the 'agency' to 'Patent' the 'ARK' name or the name 'Noah' in an 'attempt' to gain anything, then your personal 'tale' will become one of 'dread' as you make your personal 'bed' in HELL.

So if your name is 'Fred,' then make as many anchors to 'my' design as you so 'wish,' but call them the "Fred anchor," without adding 'being a 'copy' of the original * ARK anchor design, for you are still then 'using' the brand name as 'promotional' and getting 'free' advertising of your product.

So make the 'Fred' anchor and then tell all about it, this way you still make some daily 'bread,' but you do not pave the way to dread for being a thief unwise as well as an arrogant 'idiot.'

Man needs no 'Patent' office to protect his 'ideas,' he only needs a Patent 'office' to record the ideas from God so that others can find them and their 'inventor' if they are not 'openly' visible as is the ARK anchor system.

As for 'Patent' protection, ones 'interest' in the new coming age will be 'automatic' due to the inherent 'nature' of those remaining on earth.  For they will all be 'good' and God 'fearing' * people, in that they will all seek to care for one another, and those continuing to be 'thieves' will have been swept into the Abyss.

Note: original * - It is then between 'Fred & God' as to whether Fred manufactures and supplies a 'good' quality product that is as good as the 'original' given by God through Noah and, it is up to the public to choose their 'source' of product.

Note: God 'fearing' * people - God fearing people are those whom believe in God.  Thus they abide in the commandment to be peaceful & merciful & forgiving.  There are some people that know 'no' God and 'see' no God thus fear no God, and they 'openly' and arrogantly strut around and interfere in the lives of others and mutilate them or punish them as their 'leaders' or 'rules' authorise them to.

The following 'words' on 'Patents' is from page 40 found at the following web site:

< >

~ Patents ~

God does us "inspiration" give so that all can advance and easier live.  Let greed now no longer man’s mind span.  Let the Patents office from now on be a place where our ideas we place so all can freely it see, and freely use to benefit the entire planetary community.

Let the patents library be "run" by those who can clearly see, and thus only their "spot" grace with positive ideas, rather than those of "mace." All for one and one for all.

Let no man demand a licence "fee" for ideas we needs give for free.  By all means we can someone pay for plans and advice given our way, but 'patenting' for exclusivity is not the way that man is now to be.

Let our product "protection"
be but its "goodness" reflection.


Thus this 'ARK' anchor design needs no 'patented' right of ownership by any 'man' or organisation of man.  It is free to be used by any person within the 'constraints' of use as ordained by God in 'reference' to its ARK 'identity.'

It is certainly an 'honourable' privilege to have your name 'listed' on this 'Noah's' web site as 'one' that supports this Noah's project.  It is also a 'privilege' to be 'one' that uses an 'ARK' anchor supplied by Noah or Noah's Franchise 'agents.' For it means that you have the capacity to 'see' clearly the importance of such an 'invention.'

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~ The 'open window' ~

There is an 'open' window that presents an 'opportunity' for the unwary to 'enter' into a 'contract' with the Devil as they are 'tempted' to take something for nothing that is not theirs to have.

This 'temptation can occur in many ways, and is no different to a person walking past an open 'window' or door and being 'tempted' to 'pocket' or take something that is not theirs to take, and they assume that their action is unseen and, - - - some may also 'presume' that it is 'fair play' to so do simply because they have been shown by others how easy it is to so do.

This is the 'folly' and daydream' of man today, for none see that God's all seeing 'eye' does 'span' the material universe as well as every other 'realm' invisible to man.

This 'theft' is easily understood by all when my example is a simple one, whereby you 'take' a neighbor's sheep one night and eat it because you felt the need to take it or your family was hungry.

Seeing not, that God will ensure that HIS Law of "As you do is done unto you" is fulfilled in HIS own time, when your 'plate' will be emptied by another on a later day.

The 'openness' of the doorway into the intellectual and material property of others is not so easily understood when it comes to the mass 'transfer' and 'copying' of another's manufactured product that is also seen by God as 'theft.'

For you cannot 'click' on a keyboard and instantly make a material anchor similar to the one manufactured by me in stainless steel, but you can at the 'click' of a 'button' set your computer searching to download a 'ware' or program that was not only 'invented' by another, but the actual program was placed into a marketable format and sold to someone.

So when you decide to obtain a 'copy' of such by copying the material product and not actually purchasing it, then you have in fact stolen 'something' from its rightful owner the designer, manufacturer, or franchised supplier.

Even if you 'copy' or 'tape' a soundtrack from another's cassette or, you make a copy of your own to give away, you are a thief and you will be brought to account by God when least expected.

If you wish to obtain a product to use, then pay for it.  If your sister or brother wish to make use of it and ask you to give them a 'copy,' then you can either say NO or, you can give it away in its fullness, and not retain a copy for your own use.  This way you have paid for something and given it away as a gift.

Let your conscience be your guide, for there is no reason for you not 'lending' a book or a cassette for another to use 'temporarily,' and I am sure the 'originator' expects this might occur.  It is but when you set out to 'steal' or 'defraud' that it is error to later bring you 'terror.'

Maybe too it is up to those such as 'Microsoft' to 'list' on their web site a 'share ware' section, upon which they can say for example: "All our products that are 24 months old may be shared freely, this means that you may make 'copies' of such after the above 'expiry' date." It is then between you and God as to what you do prior to that time span.

As I write this there are millions of people 'working' the internet and 'entering' the 'playground' of death as they 'copy' the 'shareware' * products being made available by others seeking to obtain something for nothing.

All in the 'long run' do lose, and if you cannot 'afford' to buy the product then work harder or stay 'poor,' for that then is your karmic fate ordained by God and, - - - if there are any 'programs' on your computer that you 'obtained' for free 'illegally' as 'exposed' by me, then you would be wise to delete them instantly and show God your new way to now be.

Soon, as the 'non-believers' that fight, deceive, coerce, tempt, steal, and abuse others are swept away, there will on earth only remain those that showed God their 'belief' in the words 'respect & peace & truth & love & kindness & honesty & forgiveness,' so please ensure that your 'business practices' are seen by God as 'perfect.'

Note: 'shareware' * products in this context are those that are not 'free' to copy.  If any person wishes to 'permit' others to truly 'share' their wares and copy them, then they should so say on their 'Item' that they market or advertise.


page 5

~ Noah's Franchise 'sample' agreement ~

1 - This franchise agreement complies with God's Command to "Walk in Peace and be merciful & forgiving & respectful unto all." It has no 'ties' to any legal system of man in any 'land' claimed by any 'System' of man as being 'theirs.' Nor is it 'bound to' or 'bound by' any System of man.  It is purely an agreement between two children of God to help humanity on this earthly 'sod.'

2 - This franchise agreement is an agreement solely between the franchisor and the franchisee, therefore its 'content' is 'private' and is not the 'business' of any other organisation, ideology, or 'unholy' books of statutes.

3 - The 'fee' for the franchise is one to be agreed on mutually between the two parties concerned.  It is to be a single 'Franchise Fee.'

4 - The 'items' that are 'licensed' by virtue of purchasing a franchise are specifically defined as being 'simply' all the anchor designs that are given on this web site, as well as any future designs that are added to the present ones.

5 - The franchisor 'Timothy & Terence' being the proprietors of Noah's ARK anchor systems and < > web site agrees to supply the franchisee with the current 'dxf' files (Data exchange format) on a CD to enable the laser or 'plasma' or other 'cutting' of the anchor sections to be carried out on all the various sizes of anchors.  As well as any future 'casting' details.

6 - The franchisor will also supply 'dxf' files for any 'updates' or new anchor sizes made.  The franchisor will also give the recommended steel quality and shape and thickness sizes to be used on the various anchor sizes, and any other information that will be needed to assist the franchisee.

7 - The franchisor will retain the manufacturing and marketing rights within the Australian Landmass.

8 - The franchisee will have the 'right' to be listed on the Noah web site as the 'Manufacturing Agent and franchise holder' for their designated area.

9 - The franchisee will have the 'right' to market their product anywhere in the world from their base via the Internet.

10 - The franchisee will not seek to compete with any other franchisee that becomes the owner of a franchise that is listed as such on the Noah web site.  (Territory delineated).

11 - The franchisor will not 'sell' more than one franchise to a franchised 'area' (Territory) but may sell more than one 'area' to a franchisee.

12 - The franchisor agrees that the franchise agreement is one of 'perpetuity,' in that once 'paid for,' the franchisee has no further financial commitments to make, and is also 'able' to 'on sell' the franchise to another that will then be 'placed' and listed on the Noah site as the new Agent in that Territory.

13 - The franchisor and franchisee agree that the 'quality' control of the product sold by the franchisee is the 'business' of the franchisee, and if there are any 'defects' that arise, that 'such' or any problems are solely between the parties concerned and God, not 'Noah' or the named franchisor.

14 - The franchisee agrees to do their best to supply a good product.

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15 - The franchisee is 'permitted' to manufacture and sell the product made in 'other' type of materials as long as the 'customers' are so advised and, - - - advised that these 'different' products are not to the 'Noah' specifications unless agreed to by Noah's.

16 - The franchisor agrees that they will never 'undertake' any legal or other action against the franchisee for any reason.  This is due to the wording in the primary clause (1) above.

17 - The franchisor agrees that the franchisee may 'stamp' their goods with the marks e.g.  < ARK  - 55kg > denoting the anchor size.  They may not use the 'mark' of the 'Noah's ark' emblem on their 'paper' or other documents or products unless so specified.

18 - The franchisor agrees to make available 'on line' any ongoing pertinent information that will assist the franchisee in their 'product' quality.

19 - The franchisor agrees that the franchisee is 'free' to advertise their products in accordance with the 'respect for others' command, and 'asks' that the franchisee make no 'false' claims.

20 - The
franchisee understands and agrees that the franchisor must retain the authority to make changes to the system in order to update protocols and ensure that operating standards are keeping up with industry standards and, - - -

That the franchisor may 'amend' the content of their web site at any time, reference the design or 'marking' of anchors etc, and that these will be passed on to the franchisee in the 'expectation' that the franchisee upgrade their product.

21 - The franchisor acknowledges the fact that the franchisee will do their 'own' thing as such, and makes no 'controlling' demands.  It is understood that 'both' businesses will flourish depending upon their 'customer' satisfaction.

22 - The
franchisor and franchisee indemnifies and holds harmless the other party, its officers, and directors against all claims, obligations or liabilities including court costs and attorneys' fees, arising out of either party's tortious or unauthorised acts, or any acts, misrepresentations, omissions, failure to perform his/her obligations herein, or any acts not expressly authorised in writing, related to or beyond the scope of this agreement.  In 'short,' each party would 'suffer' their own loss, as God would have it be.

23 - The franchisee agrees that they are not a 'contractor' contracted to, nor are they in any way 'employed by' Noah's Ark Anchor systems.  Thus they operate as an 'individual' and separate organisation.

24 - The
franchisee agrees that on 'payment' of their franchise 'fee,' and when having received a CD of the DXF drawings, that they have received the 'return' due for their money and the necessary information and 'authority' to go about their business.

25 - The franchisee agrees that this 'Contract' agreement is only governed by God's Word of 'trust and respect,' and not the vindictive and oppressive and extortionist and punitive 'rules of man.'

26 - The
franchisee agrees that this agreement constitutes the entire agreement of the parties and may be modified only in writing that is executed and agreed to by both parties.

27 - The 'cost' of the franchise will depend upon the size or 'situation of the 'Island' or Territory or 'State' that you seek to assist through your manufacturing and marketing strategy, and one agreed to by both parties.

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