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~ Wind & sail power fishery ~

 The 'Sailfish' catamaran
5 - 6.5 metre wind & sail powered fishing vessel


The Traditional 6 metre fishing dory

Soon there will be naught but 'troubled' waters on every land, and people will begin to understand the reason 'why' there is a 'season' for everything, and the season for destroying the planet through greed and vanity is soon at an end.

Many a fisherman will find that the last journey of their fishing boat is also over, due to a total breakdown in the supply of fuel, and due to 'rough seas' that rise up and smash many a moored vessel.

Yes the time of hunger and fear is now here, and many more now draw near to this web site as it guides their mind and soul both day and night, and many begin to follow the lead of my 'light' that did for many a long night toil to 'render' truth unto all via my seed.

I believe that there is to be a new way forwards. The 'way' for fishermen will be to downsize completely and keep their 'craft' on trailers away from the angry sea. This way their livelihood will survive as will the lives of many that will rely on a 'feed' from the ocean.

Back to 'nature' using the power of the Sun will have begun as many seed their minds with the wisdom of the inner Sun, and turn to 'wind & sails' to power their fishing vessels each day they venture bravely forth to feed both you and me.

I see two 'options' that complement each other. One being the traditional slow moving but comfortable dory style that can be used for nearby fishing grounds, and the other being a fast catamaran that can travel quickly far offshore and return the same day.

It is my 'intent' to find 'someone' with the will and capacity to manufacture a safe and stable 19' ~ 'Sailfish' ~ catamaran with 8' - 9' beam, it will have a small 'hold' in each hull that will carry the days catch. It will be very fast so that two fishermen may travel far so as to 'snatch' their catch and return swiftly home each day as the Sun's rays heat the land and sea.

At this stage I have been unable to look further into this due to my time taken up with other matters, so I can but make a preliminary suggestion to you the viewer to consider using a Hobie 16 or 18 catamaran.

I like the Hobie 16 as it has 'banana' style hulls so that it does not require any centre board, and thus is easily used from a beach launching or retrieval, and it is fairly light weight.

With the following alterations to would be easier and safer to 'fish' from.

1 - Fit the Jib with 'hanks,' this way the sail can be raised or lower at sea very quickly. If you do not have hanks fitted then as you lower it, the whole sail falls into the water between the hulls. A forward 'net' between the hulls would be good.

2 - Fit 'wing' seats so that you are sitting out over the water in a more comfortable position. On the aft end of the seats you can fit fishing rod holders for trolling under sail.

3 - The bow of each hull could have a surf 'ski' platform 18" wide x 5' long fitted. This will give the craft less tendency to dig into waves ahead when running with the wind causing it to 'trip' and capsize.

4 - A plastic sheet fitted under the Velcro deck would keep the deck dryer. Maybe fit marine ply floor.

5 - Fit an ice box/fish box at the rear deck support.

6 - Fit a 'rail' across the front deck support 18" high to which an anchor can be fixed and also other fishing items stored.

7 - Fit the main sail with sail 'slugs' and the sail will be outside the mast rather than sliding up a groove within it. This will enable quick raising and lowering or 'shortening' if drift fishing offshore.

8 - The mast will be fitted with 'lazy jacks' so that when at 'rest' and the sail is lowered, the boom sits up high off the deck, and when the sail is lowered at sea when drifting to a 'sea anchor' the sail remains neatly folded on the boom ready for raising.

This vessel will be able to drag a small 4 metre prawn or scallops trawl net for sail/wind power that will give the needed 2-3 kts speed.

In the event that the Hobie or other manufacturers decide to manufacture a specific 'Sailfish' unit I will advise that here.

Other than that, I recommend that one use a traditional vessel. It will be something similar to the 16' Caledonia Yawl pictured or, even a 'Drascombe lugger' would be a good design. These are very seaworthy vessels that are not 'fast' and can be used closer to shore.

The 'Caledonia Yawl'