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~ The Noah Statement ~

I 'Noah' state that whatever 'work' venture I an involved in will be a non 'taxable' business because Noah refuses to fund any punitive or 'warring' system of man, - - - however - - - as per the 'social obligation' page within 'Noah's Words,' it is my intent to lead the way into the New 'loving' Age to be.

I 'Noah' intend to give a 'certain' sum of money from my net earnings towards the welfare of the disadvantaged in society, as well as contributing other monies to the 'upkeep' of needed community endeavours such as schools, hospitals, road maintenance etc., - - - and any other service provider institution I see fit to assist.

I shall also 'annually' or at any time contribute a certain unspecified amount of money to my local community coffers or other community coffers, towards the upkeep or the implementation of community projects.

My 'contributions' and their amounts will be as God inspires me. They will not be 'forced' or 'coerced' out of me by any man or system of 'Caesar' and, - - - I shall not make any contribution towards the upkeep or maintenance of any political or armed forces or any 'punitive' judicial or policing force.

This is what God does say

"Only those that 'sail' peacefully will by God be left in peace."

"Let no man deny or defy God’s call any day."

So says 'Noah.' (Terence)


Noah's Ark 'stabilised' by anchor stones

'An 'artists' impression

One of the '12' anchor stones found at the village of Kazan

Photo showing the size of the anchor stones

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