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"Terms of Sale & Warranty"

Educational 'sample' document


~ Warranty assurance of our quality products ~

Let it be hereby known that we do "admit" that there may be a time when a "worker" may "slip" and a "fault" may be found on a "stainless" product after it has left our "vault."

It may be also "found" that others seek to us blame when in fact it was they who played an incorrect "game" with the product warranted by us to be satisfactory.

Let it thus be known that we disown any claim for "crack" or "defect" that may arise from "fitment" or "usage" unwise.

Let it be known that any product sent by us "away" that has not been "built" satisfactorily against the plans of the day must be returned intact by the recipient prior to being installed within 1 month of delivery.

We cannot enter into any litigation arising from others "false" interpretation as to the strength or durability of our products.  If a product does "breakdown" and the "user" does "frown" then they needs speak to the designer or ask "me" to amend future design "faults."

We have a "standard" of impeccability and thus warrant that all goods delivered are at that moment free of "fault." Remember, the strength of any "welded" component is only "stain-less" and durable if the component is fitted correctly and subjected only to its design limitations.

Let it here be known that we "warrant" that our goods are "clean and perfect" and that we protect our good name by this "notice" that follows and is appended in plain open display on 'this' our premises and is given to any "purchaser" of our quality products under the following terms of sale.

We do trust that you as our customer will endeavour  to maintain a 'correct' compliance "mode" to our
"Warranty of fabrication excellence."

~ Terms of Sale ~

The "Company" of men known as " - - - -" hereby warrants that our products are available for purchase under the following conditions:

1 - The purchaser by "fact" of placing an order with the manufacturer to buy, or by paying for goods, acknowledges that this notice has been read.

2 - The purchaser agrees that goods are purchased on an "as is" and "where is" basis and confirms that prior to  taking delivery of goods that they have examined the product and/or design photos and find it to their satisfaction and, if any defect is found that they advise the manufacturer at that time and refer to note 4.

3 - The purchaser agrees that they will not "pursue" any claim by litigation or otherwise against the manufacturer or their agents.

4 - The purchaser agrees that they may advise the manufacturer if they are dissatisfied with the "product" as is their 'right' if it is found "lacking" in any way in their "mind," but also agree that it is solely the decision of the manufacturer or their supplier as to any form of repair or recompense.

5 - The purchaser agrees that the above "warranty" terms and conditions are agreed to by them.

6 - The manufacturer "warrants" that they will continue to supply quality products at all times.

Terry 'dad' & Tim 'son'


Never 'fight' for your supposed 'right.'

May tranquility be your destiny