~ The Sovereign Constitution of the Australian government ~

The Mandate to Govern using RULES named 'The Law.'


 This document is written for one reason and one reason only. It is so that anyone who can read and understand IT and ITS content will learn that God the Father is GOD, and He is the ONE in total 'charge' and control of everything.

The invisible Sovereign  Authority is God the Father who rules every domain outside of the pure Light (Heaven) with a very stern 'fist,' and He invoked the Constitution of this and every land via the minds of those 'infidels' who seized control using force of arms.

If you the individual 'commoner' or emperor or politician or policeman or barrister or magistrate fail to comprehend what is herein stated, then your arrogance, ignorance, vanity or pride will most definitely steal your soul away into the agony of the UNDERWORLD forever.

The need and reason for having a 'Constitution' is so that God THE FATHER can 'officially' use the 'mind and hands' of vain and arrogant 'sinners' to be His instruments of divine punitive retribution. In that as these 'self-empowered' people use 'rules' to control, interfere, enslave, punish and HARM, it is simply the 'balancing' of THE LAW of the DARK aspect of His 'energy in motion,' whereby those who used IT to cause harm or take advantage of others, are later subjected to the same 'loss and sorrow.'

(As you did sow so shall ye reap on an 'equal' and thus 'eye for an eye' basis)

The other role of the Constitution is that it is the 'Modus operandi' of an institution. It is a statement by the 'elders' or those empowered to enact the operational principles of an organisation. It gives the 'ground' RULES to be adhered to 'judiciously.'

It is a document which to 'them' legitimises their ongoing control over others within the 'land mass' they control using force of arms. Their 'signatures' to said document 'ratifies' and legalises said document (In their minds) and the content therein is to be obeyed by 'all-comers.'

It needs to be 'noted' however that the invocation of said document is an illegal act in the eyes of God because IT and ITS control over others is in direct defiance of God's Command unto man.

It also follows that all 'officials' using Dark forceful ENERGY place themselves within the punitive aspect of the 'Law of equal return' of God. This is because the content of the constitutional document is imposed upon the 'citizens' FORCEFULLY backed by 'force of arms.'

Any person found operating 'outside' of the manifesto is operating ILLEGALLY, and since the Sovereign Authority backing the Constitution of government has the POWER of 'life or death' under or within its area of control, if any official of State exceeds their mandate for ANY reason or causes harm or disadvantage to anyone, it is deemed by THE Sovereign Power to be an Act of Anarchy and Treason.

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The Constitution is the Word of God the Father imposed upon the 'heads' of all the warring 'tribes' on earth and their flocks whom they control forcefully using 'force of arms.'

The individual earthly 'Crown' leaders and all their 'official' persons and all 'commoners' who per 'fees & taxes' fund their anti-God doctrine of control, interference, extortion, subjugation, enslavement, punishment and war, are in fact 'operatives of darkness, * and all are ON the wide road to HELL.

NOTE: 'operatives of darkness, * - Operatives of darkness are in fact 'vengeful' persons whose souls are 'sinful,' (full of negative emotional energy) and they are thus extremely vain and arrogant and fearful, and they neither believe in any 'God' nor do they conform 'to or with' THE Command of their Creator God. Thus they are all disrespectful, dispassionate, demanding, merciless, unforgiving, punitive and retributive.

Unbeknown to them, it is the Law of equal return of the DARK ENERGY of the Source which keeps them locked into negative and punitive interaction with the others they control, and is what keeps them and all their 'flocks' on the endless road of deepening sorrow and deprivation.

Some of the words in the Constitution are what 'licence or mandate' officials and State politicians, enforcers, magistrates and judges to Govern, control, punish or to go forth and wage war.

Some of the words in the Constitution LIMIT or RESTRICT the government control over 'some' in the community. These being THE PEACEFUL who not only believe in obedience 'to or with' the Command of their Sovereign God, but they also never 'disturb the peace,' nor do they vote for man as 'head of house,' nor do they fund by 'fee or tax' any contra warring doctrine, because they also factually obey the pure DOCTRINE of God's Command that states:

"Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving to those who are in 'sin' living and never retaliate in the face of adversity but 'turn the other cheek' if harmed" and "Thou shalt not steal nor cause harm nor kill."

(A) - The Constitution guarantees the individual the Right to due process of the law within the Freedom of Religion Acts.

(B) - The Constitution guarantees the individual the Right to live by their own conscience within the Freedom of Religion Acts.

(C) - The Constitution guarantees and 'permits' the 'peaceful and moral' persons the Right to NOT fund a contra doctrine of war or punishment, nor to participate in any of its anti-God activities.

(D) - The Constitution guarantees the individual the Right to ignore all licence fees and taxes invoked or demanded by State Law if they 'hold or have' the religious doctrine or ideology of PEACE, because they cannot 'conscionably' obey God and fund 'war or punitive' measures which are in conflict with their ideology of Peace. This 'freedom' of conscience, faith or belief is granted within the Freedom of Religion Acts, however,  - - -

(E) - There are TWO 'provisos,' being the: < subject to public order and morality > General provisions in the 1934 Act of Tasmania.

46. (1) Freedom of conscience and the free profession and practice of religion are, subject to public order and morality, guaranteed to every citizen.

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Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (9th July 1900) section 116

"The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, - and

The Constitution Act 1934 (Tasmania) states:

This document includes a legal guarantee of the religious liberty and equality of Tasmanians. Every citizen is guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion under Section 46(1) of this Act.

Part V - General provisions - Religious freedom

46. (1) Freedom of conscience and the free profession and practice of religion are, subject to public order and morality, guaranteed to every citizen.
(2) No person shall be subject to any disability, or be required to take any oath on account of his religion or religious belief.

Please NOTE - All State constitutional acts apply equally to all States of Australia.

Many speak of ‘religion,’ but they see not that there are but TWO ‘religious’ doctrines on earth. That of the belief in merciless hatred and WAR being predominant, and the other as commanded by God and being the belief in merciful love, compassion, forgiveness and PEACE.

Man speaks of democracy and their 'religious affiliation,' but none are aware that every voter and tax payer is factually on the wide road to hell accruing very painful spiritual ‘karmic’ dues due to their funding and supporting of warmongers. Being their 'servants' who go forth in their name causing harm, interfering, imposing terror and destruction here and there and over the seas ON BEHALF OF the voter and taxpayer.

The truly peaceful (absolute pacifist) relying on God's HOLY WORD for protection cannot and do not fund Caesar's forces by tax or licence ‘fee.’ They ONLY fund benign community effort. All mankind is presently focussed on demanding JUSTICE, being the meting out of merciless and vindictive Retribution.

All who fund 'Caesar' and rely on HIS force of arms for protection are defiant of their God, their CREATOR.

In respect of ones Rights in (A, B, C, D, E) above, for a State prosecutor or magistrate to ignore the Rights of the peaceful, and to also ignore their LIMITED operational mandate granted within the Sovereign Constitution, and to thus proceed against a peaceful person in a State court of Petty Sessions with the intent to cause emotional trauma, extort money in fines, or to threaten and coerce a peaceful person to 'change' their ideology, and to thus 'bow' to their dictates, is an ACT of High Treason and Anarchy and is an activity punishable by spiritual 'death in the underworld.'

The LAW of the Sovereign constitutional authority overrules all State law with NO exception. NO State law/rule can be applied or used in any constitutional matter of faith, belief, conscience or religious ideological doctrine UNLESS the individual has 'disturbed the peace or found to be involved in immoral activity.'

Either way, if their is a 'conflict' of opinion in reference to matters of 'faith' or doctrine, then the matter can ONLY be 'heard or judged' in the High Court. It is Anarchy and Treason for a prosecutor to place a matter of 'religious ideology' before a State court of Petty Sessions. It is Anarchy and Treason for a magistrate to 'hear or judge' matters of religious doctrine.

The taking of a false wage and defiance of the limited mandate granted by the Constitution is a criminal act of 'double jeopardy,' and the vain and ignorant who so do are deserving of their FATE. So sayeth God via this pen. Matters pertaining to the 'Freedom of Religion' Acts of the Constitution can only be legally heard and adjudicated by the High Court.

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The earthly executive power in this land is the Queen, and she appoints 'governors' who are responsible for maintaining the Authority of the Constitution in upholding its statutes. She and her 'appointments' are governed by God who inspires her mind and that of her political 'minstrels'  telepathically, and He maintains absolute control over every domain outside of the pure Light of heaven.

The ERROR of religious doctrinal POLICY displayed by the earthly 'Crown' and ITS officials is the belief in their IMMUNITY from being 'Judged' within the "Eye for an eye or As you sow so shall ye reap" LAW of God. (Grave error of belief)

The ERROR of religious doctrinal POLICY displayed by the earthly 'Crown' and ITS officials is the belief that all and any RULES (laws) invoked by them 'somehow' legalise their control over and punishment of God's children. (Grave error of belief)

This doctrine or 'policy' is Anarchy and Treason because ITS actions and atrocities are backed by FORCE OF ARMS, being the 'Forbidden to use' FRUIT from the TREE of the 'knowledge of good and evil.'

The ERROR of the above doctrinal Policy is that the 'Crown,' its governors and enforcers, also believe that in the course of their DUTY in upholding their own rules, that they are above and beyond the 'reach' of the immutable "Law of equal Return" of God. No mortal can void or avoid the 'Return unto user' FACTOR of the 'flow' of God's benign or malignant ENERGY IN MOTION.

I reiterate: What vain, arrogant and very ignorant mortals fail to 'see' is that NO 'mandate' or 'orders' from superiors authorising them by the Dark Sovereign Power (Deceiver) to 'Rule' others avoids or nullifies the Law of God.

What does this actually mean? This means, that any suffering imposed by mortal man upon others of any race, colour or creed during the course of his daily 'duty' in upholding RULES becomes his own personal 'due of suffering' to be imposed by God the Father in this world or the next. When anyone threatens others or tries to coerce them, they place a 'weal' upon their own foolish soul.

Mortal man 'empowered' by the earthly sovereign to officially 'oversee' and control the public sees not and knows not that even though his 'position' of power over others has been 'legalised' by his mandate from the earthly 'Crown,' said official is forever 'under or within' the immutable 'Law of equal return' of God the Father.

It is this 'pen of God' to Alert and Awaken all 'sleeping beauties' to the TERRIFYING REALITY before for THEM it is too late. Those of you who believe in the Right to Govern or to cause HARM with IMPUNITY to other children of God deserve to suffer, as you soon will as insanity escalates globally and the insane mete out JUSTICE.

Everyone who defies God's Command demands JUSTICE and that is exactly what everyone receives within the LAW of God. All suffering is the Law of God in ACTION at the hands of the merciless. Those who 'turn the other cheek' and do NOT retaliate pay their dues to God and become FREE. Those who retaliate set 'their' victim' free, but they take ON the 'debt' upon their own heads.

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I make it CLEAR, whether you are a 'commoner,' or Queen, King, Emperor or Dictator, the Law of God applies to every benign or malignant  'interaction' activity.

The executive POWER backing the constitutional and State 'rules' of man are THE Sword or Gun. The 'use' thereof is via the mind of man, be it conscionable or unconscionable activity. It is the thoughts of the individual using the Sword or Gun that are the deciding factor.

NOTE: The deeper spiritual Truth needs to be seen and noted being:

(1) - In the eyes of the Dark Sovereign Power of God the Father, the constitutional document is LEGAL & BINDING because it is imposed by HIM telepathically upon everyone living outside of Heaven. It is legal because everyone living outside of Heaven deserves to suffer on and on and on through their continued disobedience to His Command.

(2) - It needs to be also noted that all 'voters and taxpayers' who FUND the 'warring' heads of state are also supporting this CONTRA doctrine of CONTROL and punishment and killing, and in His 'eye' (God's) all deserve to DIE.

(3) - Citizens need to see that the PRIMARY reason why the earthly 'Crown' leaders force citizens to pay taxes is because they need the money to pay the wages of their military so as to ensure their safety and so that  that they remain in POWER. If you do not 'bow' to their illegal demands then they simply cast you out of society and steal your land and home.

All 'taxing' backed by force of arms, police and magistrates such as that of State is simply Mafiosi style CRIMINAL activity carried out in the guise of 'legality,' but in the eyes of God, it is Anarchy and Treason against the 'State of Heaven' and God's Command.

(4) - It is He God the Father who 'instilled' the 'Freedom of religion' Acts and the clause < 46. (1) Freedom of conscience and the free profession and practice of religion are, subject to public order and morality, guaranteed to every citizen.> This enables the TRUE to God and NON-voting peaceful to live and be protected by the earthly 'Crown' as long as they do not defy the 'subject to' clause and remain obedient to God's Command.

Added Note: Any 'Crown' official who finds 'cause' to overrule or ignore the Rights of the peaceful automatically place their soul in dire jeopardy for being treasonable and operating outside of the constraints of THE constitutional LAW.

The Dark Sovereign Power and His demonic forces are the instigator of all deceptive, harmful or destructive activity. Since there is a reason for the global escalation of aggression and destruction, it behoves everyone to find out the cause as given by this pen within the National Security Alert below. 

Be advised, the 'super indelible memory and intelligence' of the Dark essence sees and knows all that takes place in its 'realms' of consciousness such as this one. Being all levels outside of the pure Light.

My 'hope' is that 'some' AWAKEN, because our GOD is REAL and His Dark Energy does every vain fool STEAL.


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I do now ADD in PLAIN ENGLISH a few more words because there is ABSOLUTELY NO LEGALITY for any person or 'group' to form organisations which have the RIGHT to use FORCEFUL POWER to control the lives of others. There is but ONE 'dictator,' and that is THE PEN OF GOD. (Mine)

The Constitution is the means whereby the Vain and Power hungry attain absolute CONTROL over other mortals and they assume 'Godship,' being the Right to enslave, tax, punish, kill, wage war and destroy everything.

The Constitution is the means whereby the DARK ENERGY ESSENCE of the SOURCE uses the Vain and Power hungry to be ITS 'instruments' of divine retribution upon ALL persons who used ITS forceful destructive power against others who in their 'present or past' use or used this DARK Power.

The DARK POWER of God is always 'Legal' in ITS 'eye for an eye' Return interaction and IT can NEVER suffer in ANY way because IT is THE LAW and simply 'is what it is.' It is ONLY 'man' who suffers from using IT as he 'controls and causes harm,' because NO mortal is ABOVE God's Law of equal return.

God's energetic energy in 'motion' when being USED is what it is - energy in motion, and bound to the LAW of energy:
"For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction at the time and in the place IT (the energy used) so ordains."
IT the benign creative or malignant destructive energy USED cannot change this and neither can you or I.

The eternal ENEMY of MAN is the 'devilish' and utterly 'deceptive' DARK ENERGY of God the Father. HE forbids man to use IT. Use IT and YOU 'die in your sin.' Comprende !!

If you are 'officially' disturbing the peace of others or interfering in their lives in ANY way, then you ARE a person who is 'mentally disturbed' telepathically by the demonic forces living in the underworld. Their minds are also are controlled by the DARK ENERGY.

If you believe that the ACTIONS of others is 'disturbing' your peace, then you have the obligation to assist them back to SANITY through EDUCATION, and in using the 'Feeling Easier' Seminar.

If YOU 'punish' or extort fines, then our GOD via the 'mentally disturbed' by THE DARK who become INSANE will get back to YOU. The energy of God has an 'indelible' memory. It forgets nothing 'ever,' and IT can 'knock on your door' 1000 years ahead if IT so chooses. Our spirit soul exists forever 'somewhere.'

Everyone is already "On the wide road to hell." If YOU seek SALVATION, then from this moment ON you must never cause harm, and you must 'turn the other cheek' if abused. NEVER retaliate in any way.

I am here with a fresh message, and ONLY those who comprehend IT and amend their ways will uplift THEMSELVES.

So BE IT - I rest my pen

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