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~ The FINAL 'Take Note' NOTICE ~

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~ Open letter to all magistrates & judges ~

Take Notice – there is a ‘damnable’ force soon to be unleashed in this and every land and ‘maybe’ only then will those who control and ‘judge’ others understand the power of God’s Sovereign ‘underhand’ that metes out divine retribution.

Take Notice – A formal complaint has been submitted to the 'Queen' via the Governor of Tasmania against many of the local magistrates and others for their ‘inhuman’ attitude towards those presenting themselves to various courts where they have been ‘summonsed’ for one or another reason.

The complaint exposes not only the criminal but also the treasonable activity of magistrates and judges in respect of them making false "judgments’’ against peaceful persons who are being persecuted, fined, jailed, impoverished, maligned and dispossessed of their property or various other goods simply because the enforcers, prosecutors, magistrates and judges do not understand that the ‘formidable’ power exerted by them is in many cases factually in contravention of the Mandate granted to them within the Constitution. It is the Constitution of Australia which clearly sets out the limits of the authority granted to magistrates and supreme court judges.

This paper is attempting to alert all to the way in which the "code of conduct" Policy orders contained in the Constitution under which power is granted to judges and magistrates is being usurped by all of them. This is because they continue to act in ignorance of the 'existence' of that ‘code of conduct’ required in that Constitution.  They are also ignorant of the Code of Conduct Policy granted unto mankind by God, and these ‘precepts’ are revealed herein.

The formal complaint is enclosed at the end of this document and is also on line to be viewed by the greater world public because its content applies to everyone of any ‘station’ in life.

This ‘Notice’ is issued by me to awaken the conscience of every person involved in the ‘official’ or otherwise persecution, prosecution, detainment, punishment, banishment, jailing or killing of God’s children.

All Magistrates need to understand that when peaceful people are brought to stand before them and are judged by magistrates only according to the ‘latter day’ rules, acts and laws to have them punished, evicted, fined or banished to jail that they have failed to either READ or consider the information contained in the Constitution document to see IF said ‘rules’ are applicable in the case before them or not.

Certainly in cases where I and others have come before magistrates they have clearly shown themselves to have failed in their duty to the CROWN, the people of the land, their God and the Constitution they are paid a wage to ‘uphold.'

This is simply because they found a reason or justification to defy the Command of their God, the Crown, and the people by ignoring the truthful information provided in the Constitution. Today's magistrates presume to be above God, the Crown and the people.

The ‘apparent’ reason stated to me by the magistrates for their failure to consider my claim under the Law of the Constitution, in more that one instance, was that the Constitution is now ‘irrelevant’ because its ‘text’ and rulings have been ‘superseded’ by state rules/decrees/acts and mandates. This is not only pure ignorance on the part of the magistrates, but rather absolute arrogance and TREASON against the Sovereign Powers of the Nation.

It is a sorry state of affairs for any country when inexcusable laxity on the part of ‘paid servants of the people,’ the Legal fraternity, being errant’ magistrates or judges, refuse to accept the validity of the Constitution as shown by their contempt towards the individuals before them who are told that if they do not like the ‘verdict’ then it is the responsibility of the one being ‘judged’ to take the matter to the Constitutional High Court.

At what time has there been a change to the Australian Constitution stating that it is no longer a magistrates own responsibility to understand how the rights of the individual in each case is ‘protected’ under that Constitution before a ‘case’ is ‘judged'?

It is painfully apparent and also abhorrent that individuals naming themselves ‘The Honourable’ are so lacking in ‘grace’ that they have lost the capacity to see their ‘victims’ as human beings. All Children of God are to be respected rather that treated as mere ‘numbers’ of ‘complaint’ who are believed to be ‘scum’ and whom they can treat as ‘offal.'

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With the backing of the Creator I am commanded to put you all on ‘Notice’ by informing you that soon, each and every one of you will be standing in the ‘dock’ for being so callous, treasonable and untrue to your own selves because through your careless abandon towards the rights of God’s children you have condemned yourselves within the precepts of God's immutable Law.

God, the REAL authority revealed by me is now to take the upper hand in every land by meting out His true Justice on the basis of the one and only true Law: "As you do/did to others so will by others be done unto you."

This simply means that all the cruel and unjust judgments you made during your reign of power, and which caused immeasurable pain and suffering upon those who stood before you to be judged, will now be felt and 'endured' equally by you.

You are thus placed on ‘Notice’ that if you expect ‘appellants’ to take Constitutional matters to the High Court rather than yourselves taking the trouble to READ ITS content prior to your punitive ‘judgments’ then you deserve to be ‘raked’ and blooded by the Lion’s claws as you soon will BE.

LET IT BE CLEARLY understood that: Your PRIMARY DUTY to your ‘job’ is to NOT permit ‘Council’s’ to extort monies from persons whom they are paid to SERVE. It is incumbent upon you to make yourself cognizant of the frequency with which said councils’ demand payment of 'rates' for services that have not been ‘rendered’ to the ‘client.’

It is equally INSANE for local councils to expect people to simply ‘cough up’ money for ‘non-services’ just because councils’ are backed by your ‘power to prosecute' and forcefully extort money for services those people do not tender for nor use. Local councils are simply service providers, they are NOT 'permitted' to be extortionists backed by armed men.

LET IT BE CLEARLY understood that: Not every member of any ‘local’ community is obliged to fund the coffers of Council because not everyone wants to use the services offered, even if only because they have the God given freedom to procure that service at a lower cost.

Many people from this day forth will NOT wish to fund Council officials who use said monies to wage war upon other community members, something they do as they persecute and prosecute anyone wishing to live according to God’s call to peace.

Since your Rules are activated to haul people before the courts to be judged for following their God given freedom not to support punitive action towards their fellow men, through ‘force of arms,’ it is you who bear the responsibility for any such punitive action.

Understand clearly that the PEACEFUL are entitled within the Constitution to NOT fund punitive effort as that ‘policy’ is in contravention of God’s Command and contrary to their religious ‘ideology,’ a belief which they are entitled to hold under the Constitution, and which therefore requires all magistrates and judges to accord them THEIR rightful protection within the ‘’Freedom of Religion" ACT.

LET IT BE CLEARLY understood that: Your PRIMARY DUTY to your ‘job’ is to NOT permit the use of the Court by police or other complainants seeking to coerce people into funding by tax or license fee coffers of the State institution IF THEY DO NOT WISH TO, for the simple reason that they cannot agree to the intrusive, controlling and punitive policy of the court system because that is anathema to their contra belief in and practice of their belief in a PEACEFUL resolution which must by definition exclude any coercion.

To ask those believing only in Peaceful means of settling differences to accept the way the courts coerce individuals through threat of punishment and retribution would be to insist that they change their BELIEF and THAT action is a in direct  contravention of the Constitutional ‘Freedom of religion’ Clause.

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Try and UNDERSTAND that if people have the Religious ideological belief in PEACE at all times, under all circumstances and in all situations, it also means that they believe their GOD would punish them for their ‘infidelity’ if they supported and funded a ‘warring’ and punitive system as exemplified in the court system.

Many people believe as I do that ALL persons using ‘force of arms’ are of the same ‘terrorist’ ilk being used to back the actions of those dressed in ‘silk.’

If you personally believe that everyone on the land must be forced or coerced into bowing to the State ideological beliefs and doctrines then as said, you are ignorant of God and of the authority backing the freedom of religion clause.

Let it be clearly understood: Every ‘rule, act or decree’ implemented by politicians which have punitive attachments for non conformity, raised up subsequent to the elevation of the original Constitution, is an INVALID rule, Act or decree and as such cannot be used by any ‘judge, magistrate or jury against any person who was NOT disturbing the peace of the land at the ‘time’ of the supposed ‘offence’ because:

 1 – The person was not in contravention of the "subject to public order and morality" clause:

46. (1) Freedom of conscience and the free profession and practice of religion are, subject to public order and morality, guaranteed to every citizen. -

2 – A person is ‘entitled’ to NOT wear a seat belt or, they are ‘entitled’ to NOT pay a licence fee if they do NOT wish to for that is their prerogative, being their ‘freedom of choice’ belief.

It now needs to be clearly understood that the Court of God/man is solely entitled to ‘judge’ whether a person factually DID or did NOT contravene the "Go your way in peace" Command of God or, DID or did NOT conform to the ‘order & morality’ clause of the Constitution. For both are in contravention not only under the Constitution but also under God's Command.

The ONLY course of action granted by God unto man if a person is ‘found’ to be GUILTY of ‘disturbing the peace of the land’ is for man to ‘forgive’ and rehabilitate the offender using EDUCATIVE means. It is forbidden by God to use forceful and punitive ‘correction,’ because this vindictive activity is in conflict with God’s "Peace & love & compassion & mercy & forgiveness" Command, and places everyone complicit within the ‘eye for an eye’ punitive Law of God,  an action which ensures each participating in the punitive action must receive an ‘equal’ : "As you did do unto others will by others be done unto you" return of suffering

For  eons now politicians have made use of the Court to impose their beliefs upon the way people live, being impositions which are backed by never-ending taxing monetary demands in the form of funds taken from the people of the land. This amounts to extortion backed by force of arms and has become the norm to such an extent that everyone now assumes it to be  the natural order or a ‘legitimate’ activity. This is a falsehood far removed from the truth.

Arrogant leaders of nations together with their officials have now enslaved everyone by using force of arms. This ‘ignorance’ is now washed away as my pen, backed by the LIGHT of God, exposes the reality, insanity and coming Wrath of God that will  ‘banish to eternal suffering’ all who are by His DARK forces found to be continuing to operate in contravention of HIS commanded Policy.

All will now pay their dues to God in the manner revealed on my web site, and magistrates and judges need to understand that all political decrees ‘permitting’ INTERFERENCE in the lives of God’s children; all coercion to ‘tax’ them or punish them; all control over their freedom of movement over the planet are illegal activities, because all such control by their very ‘elevation’ are a the ‘doctrine,’ of a ‘religion.’

The political decrees, which are in fact DOCTRINAL ideological policy, decrees and beliefs, are the rules of law of the State RELIGION which incorporates established religious observance which are in fact being imposed upon the population by force of arms and it is this which is in contravention of the:

Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (9th July 1900) section 116

"The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion,

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~ The ‘empowerment’ appointment ~
Judicial & other 'official' empowerment

The judiciary believe that they stand apart from and above the political aspect of governance, this is false because every 'activity' of the judiciary is being forced upon them and controlled by politicians who impose the strictures and their ideological decrees upon the community and the judiciary who 'bow' to these 'doctrinal' rulings named 'rules/acts/laws.'

The irreligious elders of the Taliban impose 'dress code' strictures and other upon the Muslim women who are required to cover their heads with a 'Hijab' before their Creator (Allah) and man, and this stricture is imposed by the irreligious 'police' and backed by 'force of arms' - guns - thus there is NO democracy in the 'East,' only dictatorial autocracy. (belief, ideology - religious doctrine)

The irreligious politicians of the 'West' impose dress code strictures on the Muslim women living in their lands who are now required to 'undress' and bare their heads before their Creator (God) and man, and this stricture is imposed by the irreligious 'police' and backed by 'force of arms' - guns - thus there is NO democracy in the 'West,' only dictatorial autocracy. (belief, ideology - religious doctrine)

The men of the 'Sikh' community have been brought up to follow the ritualistic teachings of their 'eastern' elders and thus wear a Turban. The judges of the 'western' realms have been brought up to follow the ritualistic teachings of their elders and wear white 'wigs' in court so as to show all that they are 'old and wise.' Can none of you see the insanity of the day where those in power impose their own personal conduct policies upon everyone?

Let the judiciary now realise how unwise it is to 'forget' that community members do NOT have to obey the never ending interfering, controlling, enslaving and extortionist dictatorial demands of politicians who are totally out of order as they invoke their own code of conduct ideological policy and force IT upon everyone using the Court as 'coercion' that is backed by force of arms.

Let it be clearly understood that the elevation into an ‘official’ position in any institution of man is the validation granted by the powers of the institution to CONTROL others and to INTERFERE, regulate and punish other community members.

This code of conduct ‘mandate’ of itself is in direct contravention of the code of conduct POLICY granted unto man by God within His Command: “Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving unto those others yet sinfully living.”

It follows that any person using their ‘elevated’ position to impose (backed by force of arms) ANY other code of conduct policy upon others or, that uses their ‘elevated’ position to extort money, (tax) regulate, control, enforce decisions, enslave, fine, punish, seize, hold hostage, imprison, terrorize, injure, dispossess or kill, is a person that is of immoral standing and ‘unfaithful’ to their Creator and, - - -

By their own deed they show HIM of their ‘unworthiness’ to enter His paradise above, and they are thus bound over to not only suffer the same ‘loss, injury, dispossession, torture, mental and emotional travail’ their actions imposed upon other mortals but, - - -

Within the punitive aspect of His “As you did sow so shall ye reap on eye for an eye and thus equal LAW He also empowers His punitive forces below to control your mind (consciousness) with thoughts that will keep you ‘justified’ in continuing on your path so that your suffering dues grow for being such a swine, as does the Dark energy you infuse into your own soul each time you defy HIM and the power of this energy is what drags your soul into the underworld.

People in ‘imperious’ positions of POWER (backed by force of arms) all have the same False ideological belief that they use and express being:

"WE are the 'authority' empowered to control YOU, you must do whatever we tell you, - - - if you fail to perform/conform then we using 'force' will punish you and, - - - as we are the authority you must ask and receive permission from us before you can engage in any activity and, - - - for that 'privilege' you must pay a licence 'fee' to us or go 'hungry.'

We are empowered to tax you in every way because we are your 'god' and master eternally and a day because THIS IS OUR 'religious doctrinal' BELIEF and, we have the 'weaponry' and 'muscle' to cause you 'grief' for any non-conformity."

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Why do 'officials' believe in this false religious ideology of control and possession and enslavement and punishment?  Because the TEXT in their books of RULES being their 'holy bible' give them the 'direction' that they are paid a wage to follow. NONE seeing that the legislated rules are the ‘EXECUTIVE authority’ and thus they the ‘upholder’ cannot exercise their own God given conscience as they are forced to ‘bow’ to said rules and other rulings by precedent set.

Thus all those in officialdom have forgotten their Constitutional mandate as well as the ruling Command of our Sovereign Authority, God, and they all fall into the Dark for being THE merciless, cruel, callous and unforgiving BEAST in action. (Devil)

The worst thing is that they believe that they have the RIGHT to force everyone into supporting and funding their DOCTRINE of DEATH. Why is this so?  Because all mankind has been deceived by the Serpent into believing that force is required to uphold peace, and the Devil gave man the ‘Justification’ to defy God and to use a false doctrine that is in contravention of God's code of conduct policy command, and it is the RELIGION OF WAR, suppression, enslavement, punishment and destruction.

Why also did or do powerful men choose to this way go? To attain power and control of the masses and by their enslavement to gain great wealth and earthly possessions and, - - - they see not that the very rules they are forced to uphold force them to ACT and cause great inconvenience, loss of income and home, loss of business and a breakdown in the fabric of society and, - - - in their mind their actions are always ‘justified’ and backed by enforcers..

And in their imposing of IT (The false doctrine) forcefully upon everyone they see not that they are in contravention of their own Constitutional 'freedom of religion' POLICY.  That is TREASON.

The whole system of control, enslavement, punishment and coercion is forcing EVERYONE of every named ‘religious belief’ into supporting, condoning and funding a very DARK ideology of absolute control that leads ALL to the Abyss.

The whole system of control, enslavement, punishment and coercion is enabled by the ignorance of the judges and magistrates who fail to see that it is they who are the worst criminals in God’s eyes because it is they who wield the Sword of Damocles against others.

Sadly they do not see that by the acts of coercion and control they continue to deliver cause great injury and travail and, that the same sword grows bigger and sharper above their own head, and truly ‘agonizing it will be when God ‘cuts’ its final thread and their OWN banishment, deprivation, agony, terror and ‘dismembering’ begins.

I can ONLY advise each and every ONE of you to now READ the Constitutional text and MY text and only then ‘entertain’ the ‘judgement’ of those that have disturbed the peace of the land, but ONLY for the purpose of their rehabilitation as per my ‘Offender Seminar’ on my web site.

Please now read the ‘complaint’ below for soon, many will be brought to your door claiming ‘immunity’ due to their unique religious observance of PEACE that is PROVEN if they neither Vote nor do they pay TAXES or fines, for by this (non action) they show God and man that they do not condone nor support the religious ideological belief held by the government of Australia or any land, albeit the ‘majority’ of persons on the land presently have the opposite belief based upon the structures of ‘protection, force and punishment.’

These persons believing only in peace never rely on ‘police protection’ or the Court of man (Caesar) because they rely on God’s Word, and as such they cannot pay the wages of officials in any institution who control or punish or interfere in the lives of other mortals. What they can and do is fund benign community efforts.  This ‘free man’ entitlement is granted unto the peaceful by God and by the ‘Powers’ vested in the Constitution of the land.

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Woe and more woe upon the ‘head’ of any magistrate or ‘judge’ that fudges his judgement and commitment to Honour and Justice according to THE SOVEREIGN LAW of the Land.

Truly inexcusable are those of you who arrogantly refuse to even accept a formal ‘Statement by submission’ document or to even ‘hear’ the defence of a child of God summonsed to be given the opportunity to state their case before you impose ‘Judgement.’

It appears to God, and everyone that ‘trembles’ in fear before the magistrate as they ‘bow’ in subservience to their presence on entering the court that they are already ‘doomed’ because the court ‘house’ has become a ‘house of horrors.’

It is apparent to all that the mental and emotional trail of torture and tears begins even before one is deemed ‘guilty.’ This becomes apparent from the ‘rituals’ of bowing before a mere man in front of whom one is even forbidden to speak until spoken to, which is the beginning of the punishment imposed by the vain and very, very ignorant who through this unwarranted pomp already usurp their PRIMARY mandate.

All I can add is that this most atrocious state of affairs, beginning with the ‘complaint’ of a prosecutor and signed by a J. P. (Justice of the peace?) giving it seeming legality is a farce. All this antiquated rig-mar-role is ‘nonsense’ that will be abolished as God brings His powerful forces of REAL JUSTICE into ‘play’ in the manner revealed by me.

Let the judiciary now realise that within the context of God's Command AND that of the 'Freedom of religion' clause that as long as a person is of 'moral standing' and does not disturb the peace of the land they do not have to comply with ANY belief, doctrine, or policy invoked by any other mortal and, - - - the prerequisite 'question' the magistrate must ask of any 'complainant' is: "Has the accused person disturbed the peace of the land or have they committed an immoral act"? If the response is "No" then the case must be dismissed.

Let the ‘armed’ POLICE now understand that they must ‘retrain’ and become an unarmed ‘Peace Corps’ that is NOT  feared as they are no ‘threat,’ and they only 'arrest' people that are reported to have committed an immoral act or reported to have disturbed the peace of the land. These persons must be treated with respect in the understanding that their mind and emotions have led them astray, and they are to be taken to a court to be 'judged' and then either set free or sent for rehabilitation in attending a 'Feeling Easier Seminar.'

Woe and more woe unto anyone of any ‘standing’ who continues to show disrespect to God and God’s children or to God’s "Peace, love, mercy, compassion and forgiveness" Command.

The politicians are corrupt.
The council officers are corrupt.
The prosecutors are corrupt.
The magistrates and judges are corrupt.

Soon liquid ‘blood’ is to flow in this and every land and the ‘why’ I have revealed, and I can but HOPE that some understand, for the Almighty Power that guides my pen is the absolute Ruler, JUDGE and executioner, and HE tells me to ‘advise you all' of the terrible fate that awaits any person who ‘harms’ even ONE ‘hair’ of HIS Creation.

As every person is a ‘sinner’ that has controlled and abused others either directly or by paying others to act on their behalf, it follows, that the present destiny of everyone is very ‘bleak,’ and you all need to understand that your spirit soul does exist forever. IF you wish to have an ‘end’ to the punishment to be imposed by God upon you for past transgressions, then you need to IMMEDIATELY halt your present ways and begin to be a moral and faithful person whose daily conduct does conform with God’s Command.

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As any ‘prisoner’ or ‘sufferer’ knows their lot appears to be endless with no end in sight, and you will all need to realise that IF you retaliate against the demonic forces that will soon berate you in this realm and the next then you immediately accrue ANOTHER spiritual due and, you extend your own ‘hellish’ time so, - - - fortify your minds in the manner as given by me so that you can suffer without retaliating otherwise you will suffer for an eternity.

 “Judge not lest ye be so judged” was so written and still stands today, for within the “As you did sow so shall ye reap” Law of the Creator there is NO ‘abrogation of' or nullification of this divine Law for any person, for no position of ‘office’ or empowerment by man stands above the immutable Law of God and, it was also written that the true way was for each to show ‘mercy, compassion, and forgiveness’ towards other sinners.

Executive power is granted unto everyone holding an official position by virtue that it (the position) is backed by armed forces men who are also ‘ordained’ to do whatever they are ordered to.  All official government employees  therefore have the executive power to instigate interference, seizure, detainment, control, punishment, imprisonment and the EXECUTION or ‘killing’ of others.

The more powerful your position the more power you have to WIELD, and greater the control and destruction you are able to exert and the greater the ‘agony and travail’ your OWN soul will have to endure, and the ‘graver’ your spiritual position and destiny. Where will God find even ONE ‘principled’ magistrate or judge who does judge wisely in accordance with the Constitutional mandate and within God’s required precepts?

This is given to assist those of you that believe in the use of force in an attempt attain peace and harmony rather than relying on the "Pearl of Great Price," being the Holy Word of God, and is here brilliantly illuminated by an 'angel of the Lord' that came to me:  

"If you could equate our invisible God to an intelligent energy, all encompassing, everywhere present, but which gives 'energetic' life to an individual with the same qualities as Itself, that once given, lives on forever and, - - - that it is the individual's right of free choice as to how they use this 'dual' benign Creative and malignant Destructive energy of the Source in their expression. (Interaction with others)

For their use of either aspect of IT is which judges them, - - - "Good for Good" returned, "Bad for Bad" returned. So to put it bluntly, "To kill the bad guy" only adds to your and not the other's misconduct, (use of destructive energy) of which you will have to suffer within the precepts of the Law of said energy that is absolutely JUST and, your punitive action does not kill off the other 'guy,' for as his spirit exits the biological flesh his spirit soul lives on forever, and no doubt will get even with you, at some stage.

In the 'guise' of 'Justice' we have followed this 'V' for vendetta (revenge) way for so long, and surely by now should be able to see that "Order and Harmony" does not prevail globally. 'Where' ? I ask is the 'brotherhood' of man.  It is lost in the mists of time and all that remains now is "We the 'elect' v/s you the 'serf' syndrome."

Man has for so long now gone astray led by the power hungry that none see the error nor the coming 'Wrath and terror,' and only I stand between you and them as to them (the people) I say: "Do not rise up and revolt, for in your defiance of God you will be 'shot' like 'rabbits' in the street. Simply hold fast to your sanity and turn to God as you cease demanding 'more' from 'Caesar' and you pay your own way and look after your own family and suffer the consequence of leaving God's fold* in the past."  (God's fold* - Falling from grace and cast out of the pure Light of heaven) The angel of the Light says:

When you are peaceful, - - - My peace I shall give unto you...
When you allow others freedom, - - - My freedom I then give you ....
When you control, interfere, injure and kill others, - - - MY Dark energy returns to destroy your 'bad' seed."
When you understand that these two energies compliment each other in the most perfect way you only need to understand what causes the disruption in the mind of man and the subsequent suffering. It is to do with the 'return unto the user' Law of both energies that is explained in great detail by the 'Spirit of Truth' within The Testament of Truth pages.

Stop upholding iniquity. (Dark energy in action) -  As individuals you are doomed if you do anything less than:

"Love one another"

Let it be clearly understood, our God is aware of our every intent and every activity.

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~ Render unto Caesar ~
In my main web pages I have written much on the 'Render unto Caesar' biblical texts that have been misconstrued by both men of the 'cloth' as well as Caesar's Tax officials, Judiciary and 'punitive' armed servants who even today quote said texts as their justification to extract never ending amounts of 'coin' from the populace.
For God I now clarify its 'context.' : IF you borrowed any 'coin' from Caesar (State government) then you have a debt to Caesar until such time as the monies are repaid.  The only other 'objects' owned by Caesar are the armed 'protection forces' of the State and National enforcement agencies who are paid directly by Caesar as his private 'armies,' and their PRIMARY duty is to protect him and his consorts, senators, judiciary and dominions, and once his 'safety' and well-being is assured they are also used to protect citizens of the land as long as they do not become a threat to his 'position' and power base.
It follows that IF you seek Caesar's PROTECTION rather than relying on God's holy Word then for said protection you owe him an annual 'fee' (Tax levy of income) until the 'dues' are paid. Other than that you need to pay for other services rendered that YOU 'tendered' for. It follows that all additional 'taxes' raised up by State politicians cannot be construed as 'Caesar's dues' to be rendered unto Caesar as is so often stated in the Courts of today by magistrates.
It is 'clarified' by my pen that IF you would become free men and in God's 'favour' you must not fund Caesar's enforcers and not rely on his 'police' or other for your protection. You must simply go your way in peace and never disturb the peace of the land and never retaliate against any aggressor or oppressor.
If this you do then you owe Caesar NAUGHT, and you then simply only fund benign community effort for services that you wish to use, in the knowledge that any person funding by taxes the 'wages of armed enforcers' are in fact paying mercenaries, and they and you are defiant of God and you will suffer ahead for all the injury they mete out in your name and on your behalf.
The people must all now stop paying for fines imposed by political legislators and magistrates, for in paying said 'coin' into Caesar's coffers (State) the people of the land are complicit to the destruction of society and to causing interference into the lives of others and to their punishment.  Fines are no less than 'excremental' extortion that is a drain of money lining the 'sewers' of State and is black liquid THEFT by 'white collar' criminals.
This 'flood' of coin is soon to 'burst' its banks, and impoverished and homeless people will rise up as angry and vengeful thoughts erupt in their distraught minds as they are 'incited' by invisible dark forces.  Try and understand that any person that finds the JUSTIFICATION to force people to 'do' something, and to then punish them for non-conformity is a 'mentally disturbed' IDIOT who sees themselves as a 'god.'

~ The Final Writ ~

Let it here be KNOWN that : As from today 11 June 2011 any person in any 'official' position that instigates or 'signs' a 'summons to court' docket and thereon naming any person on the land that had not disturbed the peace of the land nor committed an immoral act as instigation for the summons, - - - for the intent or purpose of them being found 'guilty' of an offence by a magistrate and punished are, - - - by their own 'writ' now 'bound over' by their own deed to be sent into the dark underworld (Abyss) on the demise of their flesh and, - - - they will suffer the eternal 'torment' of inconceivable terror and incomprehensible agony at the hands of Demons for their perfidy. This also applies to any person either 'transporting' the prisoner or holding them in 'hostage' in a prison.

As so Commanded by our Supreme Judge, God the Sovereign Ruler who so states via His Plenipotentiary me by issue of this WRIT at the hand of my legislative pen.

Terence, the Spirit of Truth

It is better for every magistrate or judge to 'starve' and become true than to continue on doing what to others you do.  Soon every 'merchant' of suffering or death will be 'stripped' and 'whipped' at the 'mast' and 'keel hauled' by very dark demonic forces operating through the minds of the INSANE soon to emerge everywhere, and liquid terror and agony ALL that defied their Creator will get to know.

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OPEN letter to the Governor of Tasmania for Queen Elizabeth

~ Religious persecution ~

The Honourable Peter Underwood. It is with regret that I find it is I 'alone' who must do my best to halt the insidious flow of darkness pervading the land due to the utter disregard to the 'Powers' of the Constitution granted unto both magistrates and High Court judges of this land. 

It appears to me that not one of them understands that their 'mandate' to operate and 'judge' and 'condemn' and 'imprison' stems from the Constitution of the land, for it is within this Constitution that 'precepts' giving direction, religious freedoms and operational mandates are held. These precepts are supposed to be upheld but are totally ignored by enforcement agencies.

In my search to awaken errant 'judges' who are totally ignorant of their erroneous deeds, deeds which result in false arrest, false persecution, false imprisonment, inciting civil unrest and misleading police. I draw your attention to the following item I have mark in line 3 using RED:

What role do the courts play in Australian governance?

Australia's system of courts is the third arm of Australian governance and is known as the Judiciary.

The role of the Judiciary is to:

  • apply the law as made by the Parliament
  • where necessary, interpret the laws made by Parliament
  • ensure that laws comply with the Australian Constitution

I am led to believe that your 'office' appoints magistrates to serve the 'Queen' in her role as 'benefactor & protector' of the people within the borders of her dominions on earth. Since I have already been falsely jailed four times in Tasmania as a consequence of the Treasonable actions of magistrates and a Supreme Court judge, and as I am soon to again stand before a local magistrate, I believe that my 'case' needs to be placed before THE QUEEN and her 'advisors.'

I state this because the time has come for all those assuming positions of ‘authority' over others need to become cognizant of what their ‘servants’ are doing in their name or, are ignoring to do.

As I am soon to again stand before a local magistrate, I believe that my 'case' needs to be placed before THE QUEEN and her 'advisors' so that she can come to a personally informed decision as to whether or not her 'servants' are exceeding their mandate and failing in their duty to HER Primary constitutional 'rules' and, that these same servants, through their 'coercive, persecution and punitive' actions are causing civil unrest amongst the peaceful.

Is Her Majesty also not entitled to be informed that many of her servants are also misleading the men and women of the police forces into disturbing peaceful citizens when they should ONLY haul in persons who do 'disturb the peace.'

 As I see it, and as it is PROVEN on a daily basis, local magistrates who are paid a wage to be 'Just & honourable' and following the rules they are supposed to UPHOLD, are guilty of conduct unbecoming because they are not 'authorised' to harass, persecute, insult, ridicule, castigate, fine and imprison citizens who are going about their daily business CONFORMING to the Command of their God and of the Primary Acts of the State Constitution by following their conscience and their 'religious' ideology of PEACE.

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I am a person of 'standing' in that my principles, conduct and actions are in accordance with God's Command to : "Go your way in peace and love one another." Further my 'conduct' is also in accordance with the subject to public order and morality Act of the Constitution part V - General provisions.

Constitution Act 1934 (Tas)

This document includes a legal guarantee of the religious liberty and equality of Tasmanians. Every citizen is guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion under Section 46(1) of this Act.

Part V - General provisions
Religious freedom

46. (1) Freedom of conscience and the free profession and practice of religion are, subject to public order and morality, guaranteed to every citizen.

(2) No person shall be subject to any disability, or be required to take any oath on account of his religion or religious belief.

The 'problem' of the day is that the Constitutional authority was raised up a long time ago and the 'latter day' politicians have since invoked 'rule after rule' and 'edict after edict' until finally they have 'surreptitiously' overridden 'concepts' clearly stated in the 'Freedom of Religion' Rights of mankind enshrined in the Constitution. These Rights were also given by God to man but have been eroded away so that today ignorance, arrogance and pure vanity now RULE because magistrates appear to have an OPEN 'license' to IGNORE God's and their 'Queen's' good Counsel being:

"Do NOT disturb the peace of the peaceful, for by that ACT it is you who disturb the peace of the land and as you so do, it is you who are in contravention of the Primary Command of God and the 'public order & morality' Act of the 'Queen's  CONSTITUTION.'

Man of today also has the erroneous belief that the WORD 'Religion' means the named religious 'order' to which they subscribe as for example: 'Christian, Buddhism, Islam.' That is error because ones 'Religion' is ones belief/faith in a Superpower who commands absolute 'obedience' and absolute adherence to HIS/HER required code of conduct policy, doctrine and ideology.

It is to this 'policy' one shows ones 'faithfulness' or otherwise, and in my 'case' my conscience' dictates that I must obey God and be peaceful at all times and in all situations. What this means is that  I must NEVER support, condone nor fund any person, group, institution or religion having the CONTRA belief or ideology incorporating concepts of control, interference, punishment, war, torture, terrorism and killing.

If I was to support or fund any punitive system I would be complicit in these destructive activities thereby showing my 'faithlessness' to my God, and I would place myself within the 'eye for an eye' punitive aspect of HIS immutable LAW: "As you or your servants did do unto others will by others be done unto you."

As an absolute pacifist it is unconscionable for me to rely on 'force of arms' as protection simply because this is forbidden by God. Consequently I do not and cannot fund the coffers of 'Caesar,' and it is my RIGHT to not be coerced into doing so, and it is my RIGHT to not be harassed and persecuted by those who aspire to any contra ideology.

All the 'rules' that were raised up subsequent to the dated Constitutional ACT are invalided and overruled by said Constitutional Act pertaining to Religious belief.

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Man of today has become totally swamped by feelings of POWER as armed men strut around enforcing rules that enslave and extort endless sums of money from the community assuming 'immunity' from God's Law AND from the powers that uphold the Constitution.

It is my task for our Creator to awaken the sleeping before THE LAST DAY when all will PAY within the precepts of God's IMMUTABLE LAW, and I do know that no 'badge of office' nor mandate of man nor 'wage' will exonerate man nor nullify the implementation of the LAW of the SUPREME Leader, God.

Why do I feel that I need to write this today? Because the previous time I stood before a 'Queen's' magistrate in Tasmania he 'insanely' refused to listen to my defence and refused to accept my statement of submission as he imposed sentence, and his arrogant manner and treasonable refusal to do his duty was recorded by the court clerk at my request.

I simply seek to awaken all fools, for the 'ire' in man is now rising and discontent will soon erupt in every land for the reasons revealed by God through my sacred pen. Please send this open letter to Her majesty so that she can at least 'arrange' to have me set 'free' as she upholds her own 'ruling' or at least arranges for me to stand before a sane and honourable 'judge' when I next attend court on 26 July to answer the FALSE charges laid at my feet.

I add, although Queen Elizabeth is not an 'active' participant in the affairs of 'State' over which she presides in 'name,' she needs to understand that the warring and punitive system she heads' is 'underpinned' by her 'signature' and, it is THUS that SHE and her 'advisors' become complicit to and 'culpable' for the actions of HER servants that operate around the globe.

She also needs to learn that her 'magistrates' and judges have now exceeded their Constitutional mandate as they became 'brazen & brutish & brash' and they now treat her 'flocks' as offal and trash and, she also needs to avail herself to the content of my message from God to humanity for IT applies to everyone.

This matter is of absolute importance for any who would become TRUE to their Creator and their own soul.

Sincerely - Terence

Addendum:  The matter in 'question' is whether an absolute pacifist having the religious belief in the doctrine of love, peace, mercy and forgiveness is in contravention of God's Command if they support, condone or fund by 'taxes - licence fee - royalty - excise' any person or institution that has the contra ideological belief in control, interference, extortion, fine, punishment, war and killing.

It is my personal belief that they are 'faithless' if they fund the use of 'force of arms' that cause others to suffer loss or be 'injured,' and within the Constitution of the institution 'served' by armed men, within the 'Freedom of religion' clause it clearly states that:

"As long as I go my way in peace I am granted the protection of the Crown and may live my life in accordance with my belief and not be disadvantaged or made to 'suffer' in any way."

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 The Primary TRUTHFUL and RULING Command of God stipulates:
"Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving."

Persons such as me that do 'bow' to God and OBEY His Command can only support, fund and condone benign community effort, and we naturally pay for any services that we wish to use. 

I do not need 'protection' from anyone or any 'system' as God is my protector and benefactor, and I would 'happily' fund a community "Peace Corps" of unarmed men that went forth and 'arrested' those that did defy God as they 'disturbed the peace of the land' and, these would be educated as they attend a 'Feeling Easier Seminar' program and become rehabilitated as God would have it be.

I personally believe that the DUTY to God and the community by police has been 'subverted' by politicians that now use them to raise revenue and uphold their endless 'decrees' rather than permitting them to simply be a peace keeping Corps. 

The present 'system' places serving officers in a dangerous 'quadrant,' for they now believe that their 'mandate' and official position somehow nullifies the implementation of God's Law as they do all the 'injurious' things that 'we' are forbidden' by God and man to do, and it does NOT, for no 'badge of office' exonerates anyone from God's immutable Law.

We are all responsible for the consequence of our actions. (Interaction with others) We all receive an 'equitable' and 'Just' return for any free giving and mercy shown and we also receive a 'penalty' of loss, injury etc., for any such that results from our actions that cause others to grieve or suffer loss.

Note: The 'empowerment' authority by armed forces men (police and other) that enables their capacity to seize, arrest, detain, punish, invade, kill etc., is simply the 'directives' issued by other officials, be it state politicians, elders, judges, chiefs, kings, queens etc., and all these persons have the ideological belief that as their institution is backed by force of arms, that all directives issuing forth must be obeyed by every person within the 'borders' of the lands controlled by their institution, this belief is error and, - - - they also believe that every person on the land must support them, condone their activities, 'feed' them and fund their ways, even if the 'other' does not have the same ideological belief. 

In my 'case' I am simply being hounded for not paying a 'fee' to the state for my driver's Certificate of Competency. As I see it and believe it to be, the prerequisite to being a qualified driver is the "Pass" mark on the driving test deeming that the individual has earned their 'Certificate of Competency' and are thus qualified to use the roads in a safe manner.

The annual 'licence fee' payable to validate the 'C of C' is simply an annual TAX imposed upon community members that support the system via a system of taxation.  Payment of 'such' monies into the coffers of any institution that condones the use of force cannot be made by a true believer in PEACE, for said monies are used to control the lives of others.

This 'self-empowerment' belief of State officials and their superiors is error, and foolish are those 'citizens' of the land that are coerced into joining their 'flock' and becoming 'followers' through ignorance or fear of persecution, for as they so do they turn their back to God and take the wide road to Hell alongside their arrogant 'captors' and slave masters.

Note : As everyone has been 'born' into this realm with systems of government already emplaced, they all now believe in ITS 'superiority' over their lives and, they also believe that they must 'bow' to every wish and whim of politicians and others empowered by the institution.  None seeing that in fact they can 'exist' as 'free men' walking apart from the institution naming itself as 'The governing, ruling, controlling, body.'

It is my 'pen' to now release everyone as I state: Every 'government' is simply an INSTITUTION raised up and upheld by mortals that believe FALSELY that they are empowered to control and regulate, berate and punish or kill any one of their 'slaves' (you) that defies the decrees of said institution

The fact that the institution is upheld by armed men is the living PROOF that the institution of itself is in conflict with the precepts of the Creator, as its operatives carry out their business in contravention of God's Command and, thus everyone fellowshipping with and upholding or funding said institution is defiant of God and in very grave spiritual danger.

Soon every institution of man is to 'crumble,' and once sanity reigns on earth then community appointed wise elders will only need to raise up ADVISORY codes of conduct policy to help and assist people. This elevates the consciousness of man. (Light energy in action)

The raising up of 'mandatory' policy with punitive 'attachments' for non conformity is error leading everyone into enslavement, impoverishment and suffering and terror. (Dark energy in action)

All forms of 'taxation' will cease as the enlightened freely GIVE to community effort that they individually wish to support and, they will pay for services rendered to them, being the services they wish to use.

It is truly the time for change to the benign.



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