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Allahu Akbar ~ Allahu Akbar ~ Allahu Akbar

The 'one and only' ~ TRUE FAITH
The 'one and only' ~ TRUE 'way' or PATH to Paradise
Total submission to THE Command of Allah: "Peace unto ALL ~ Cause NO harm" 

Father Allah is the Sovereign Power

~ Islam ~

This web page is 'raised' to the Glory of Allah by Terence the 'risen' Al-Imam Al-Mahdi.

This 'book' is the 'Pearl of great price,' being the pure Wisdom of Allah to set you free spiritually.

This Revelation is not a 'religion,' but is the TRUE 'Ideology of Allah' - "Peace unto all mankind."


As the whole world now accelerates towards its final state of mass confrontation and destruction, it is I the returned 'merciful & beneficent one' who sends out Allah's final message for all to read and to 'see & hear,' before they personally become embroiled in that never ending fight for what they falsely believe is their RIGHT. 

Let me make it perfectly CLEAR. The fact that it was written in the Quran by man that Muhammad was to be the last prophet does not mean anything because, it is Allah to decide such, not mortal man. However, the FACT of the matter is: "Allah THE CREATOR is the supreme Sovereign Power, not mortal man."
IF both the Shiite and Sunni (tribes) believe that Muhammad was sent by Allah to guide humanity to the right way so that every BELIEVER lives a 'model' life and forgoes sinning, (Being the causing of harm, waging war, stealing etc.,) then what is the 'point' of earthlings bickering about 'who' is to be their earthly leader?
If people 'bicker' and argue and thus are in mental, emotional or physical CONFLICT with the other, is that not to be considered as 'sinning,' and being in contravention of Allah's Command? "Indeed it is" states ALLAH via my mind and pen.
Is it not also TRUE that Muhammad 'warned' mankind that everyone would BE accountable for their deeds, and that there would thus BE a separation of souls in the end days, in that some would BE consigned to the Abyss of eternal agony and others would rise UP to Paradise?
Allah now states via my pen: "Each of My children are eternally 'judged' by Me, and any activity interaction that conflicts with My command of 'PEACE, love, mercy, compassion and forgive your perceived enemy,' is an activity requiring MY punitive correction. "As you did sow so shall ye reap" because, MY divine 'LAW of Equal return' is IMMUTABLE."
Surely even the most 'simple' believer believes that Allah is the Supreme ONE who must be obeyed? Let us now 'forgo' all earthly 'leaders' and turn direct to Allah and BOW to His Command.
I can state that He for SURE is now to REPRIMAND all whom continue to 'disturb the peace' of His earthly realm as they arrogantly IGNORE His Authority and Command, as they go forth inciting violence and smashing the homes and livelihoods of others whom they also MURDER in His name.

~ Escalating global insanity, chaos and destruction ~

There is now to BE total conflict globally as arrogant man raises his 'hand' against others in every land on earth. Manufacturing weapons of destruction is the 'work' of the DEVIL. Man sees NOT that selling weapons is inciting violence and tempting others to use destructive FORCE in their interaction with others.

All involved in 'warfare' or weapons disbursement are extremist terrorists. All are defiant of Allah/God and all walk the painful road to HELL, as do taxpayers for their COMPLICITY to the causing of HARM and destruction.

Mankind is ‘forever’ trapped in ongoing suffering because of ignorance or liquid arrogance. How so? Because man has forgotten Allah’s Command of PEACE, and man does not understand that one cannot make lasting ‘Peace’ using forceful or destructive means. WHY? Because within Allah/God’s ONE immutable eye for an eye or ‘Law of equal return,’ what YOU do unto others becomes your OWN destiny to BE suffered ahead.   

Every armed person is a ‘warmonger’ condoning and supporting and funding the causing of HARM to other children of Allah, and this action is in DIRECT CONFLICT with Allah’s commanded code of conduct POLICY, being the prerequisite to SALVATION. (“Peace, love, mercy. compassion, forgiveness” - AND “Turn the other cheek when abused.”) 

God/Allah never said “Jesus will save you by his crucifixion,” God said “I have sent MY son with a MESSAGE and YOU THE INDIVIDUAL must ‘bow’ unto IT and conform with IT if you wish to be set free from your SIN within and be permitted to return to MY LIGHT in Heaven.” 

All politicians ARE vindictive, merciless, cruel, unforgiving, malicious, treasonable and LIARS who incite violence in order to protect their own interests. If you have the funds to purchase weapons, then you should 'rather' give those funds to support the poverty in the lands of your enemies and thus END the conflict.

Man sees NOT that the ‘equation’ is very simple: For every action there is an equal and opposite REACTION.  It is simply the inviolable LAW of ENERGY IN MOTION. Do GOOD and good will return on a later day. Do ‘ill will’ and IT will return on a later day at the hands of others who are equally VINDICTIVE.

Man is forever ‘locked into’ suffering due to his merciless vindictive and retributive ways. NONE seeing that their oppressor is in FACT the retributive ‘arm’ of God in action as IT simply balances ITS ‘Scales of justice.’

When YOU retaliate, you are also the retributive ‘arm’ of Allah in action, and YOU SEE NOT that YOU simply accrue a further painful spiritual due within the immutable ‘LAW of equal return’ of Allah's energy used. There are TWO energies – creative and benign and destructive and malevolent. ONLY when  man learns to ‘turn the other cheek’ and suffer in NON-retaliation will man ‘save’ himself.

This Islam web site contains 'The correction of the Truth' on earth, being a fresh new insight that is an 'antithesis' and thus 'contra' to present understanding.   For man believed falsely that he could continue on in his greedy, controlling, manipulative, punitive and destructive ways and not 'pay.'

What is my ADVICE; I suggest that you 'Wed yourself' to Allah. (The ONE) Why? Because IF you so do, then you are respectful, kind and LOVING to everyone. It is ONLY through this 'sacred' bond to Allah's Command (Word) that you are then 'dancing' in the Light of Allah and you will BE 'gathered safely in' as you 'deliver' yourself to Paradise.

I Terence the Divine Saviour and Just Leader of the whole of humanity, has returned into the flesh of this world to restore the purity of faith, being the doctrine of PEACE of ALLAH, Muhammad, Abraham, Jesus, and others, and all of the heavenly revelations.  - - - This introduction continues on in 'The Unfolding story' below - - -


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of Allah's message in the languages:
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ABOUT the Author

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I remind you that even though this information is freely available on line there are extraordinarily difficult times soon at hand in every land, and the internet will at some stage 'fall and fail' as all systems go into disarray, I strongly advise you to download the 'zip' Text contents.

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The Primary TRUTHFUL and RULING Command of Allah stipulates:
"Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving."

Allah states:

I DEMAND - absolute honesty
I DEMAND - absolute respect of ME
I DEMAND – absolute loyalty to ME
I DEMAND – absolute commitment to MY children
I DEMAND - total commitment to the message herein

Those who for any reason cannot so do and are turned away from ME by their own 'conscience' choose to so do and, by their own 'volition' have the right to so do and, the consequence of their 'infidelity' to ME their invisible Allah they cannot see will take its natural 'course' and divorce them of their sanity for eternity.

Allah states:

"Who is" and "what is" My Judge? My Judge is Terence, and he is the one who 'Judges' the conduct demanded by Me for any seeking to be released from bondage to suffering so that they can rise up into the Promised Land, Heaven.

His task is now completed as he has laid My truth at the feet of the world and every seeker can examine IT and be their own 'judge' as they should be able to see if their conduct and interaction with others is or is not in accordance to MY "Peace, love, mercy, compassion and forgiveness" Command.

If your conduct is not as commanded by Me, then it is your own choice to continue to defy Me your Allah and suffer the eternal consequence or, you have a brief moment in time to stop being ignorant swine as you halt your aggressive, punitive and destructive interaction with others as you turn and face Me and lay down your mace.

Non-retaliation in the face of adversity is required by Me as YOU 'turn the other cheek' and suffer your dues owed to Me.

The 'Administration of Justice' is Allah's prerogative only.

Peace and goodwill unto all mankind
The Devil will you bind

None stand 'above' Allah's One Law - "As you do will be done unto you."

Direct LINK to my other: 'The Testament of Truth' web site for all humanity.

This web site is "raised" to the Glory of Allah by the "Peacemaker."

This web site contains a message from Allah to humanity as well as my personal counsel and guidelines to assist you the reader. 
You have the 'freedom of choice' to do what you wish to, as you 'follow or deny' the wisdom given to you.

Let it here be known and clearly understood that any "person" who tries to "violate" my "person" or the content of this Allah 's sacred web site by any "Act" of intrusion or 'defacement' or, any person who "directs" any other to so do, will by Allah  be deemed an "offender" in Allah 's eyes, and by their own deed as one to be eternally "despised" by the Source (Allah ), and their eternal destiny decreed by Allah  THE AUTHORITY shall be one of eternal misery in the Dark "Hell" land below, for this "note" as all else by me written, has been sent by Allah  to set you free. 

Let it here be known and clearly understood  that any person working for any government agency or non government agency that tries to restrict, inhibit or deny the general public access to the content of this web site or, any person working for any government agency or non government agency  that restricts, inhibits, or denies any member of the general public access to the content of this web site, is a person that by Allah  be deemed an "offender" in Allah 's eyes, and by their own deed as one to be eternally "despised" by the Source (Allah ), and their eternal destiny decreed by Allah  THE AUTHORITY shall be one of eternal misery in the Dark "Hell" land below, for this "note" as all else by me written, has been sent by Allah  to set you free. 

Let it here be known and clearly understood that this applies to any person that seeks to denigrate me or my message, for by this 'act' of vindictive darkness it may well result in others being turned away from Allah 's sacred message, and thus turning away from their own Salvation to their spiritual demise. Thus this same 'fate' will by Allah  be placed upon the 'denigrator.' It is better or 'best' for any perceiving me as false to tell others to read my message and come to their own personally informed decision.

Let it here be known and clearly understood that any "person" who continues to teach or 'preach,' or instruct or 'educate' others from any spiritually based texts such as the Islamic Koran,  Christian scriptures, Israeli Talmud, or any other known and purported sacred text or, that distributes any such documentation, are spreading falsity, controversy and inaccuracy and, they are thus 'guilty' of deception and they are misleading Allah 's children, and they are thus in very 'grave' spiritual danger and, this applies to those of you that have raised up any such 'scripture' or part thereof on the internet. For further 'clarification' go to "True Doctrine."


May the Light of Allah guide you






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